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Parents' Forum Blog Autumn Term 23.09.20

Thank you to the parents who gave their time to attend the meeting today. 

Parents were invited to feedback about the first three weeks at school.  Parents complimented staff on the way they had settled the children and made the whole process a positive one.   There was concern that some parents were not responding to requests to social distance and we talked about other measures we could put in place such as all adults wearing of face masks on the school site. 

We spent time discussing the start time and finish time of school day during covid-19 restrictions and also the intention to keep to these times from September 2021.  Parents were invited to comment on the proposals and listened to the rationale behind school’s thinking.   

We discussed online learning and the pros and cons of live teaching via video link.  We all agreed that seeing a member of staff was highly motivational for pupils and encouraged them to meet deadlines.  We discussed school’s approach to what would happen if a group of pupils had to self-isolate. 

We provide work on the school website, supplemented by the use of ClassDojo.  Obviously this is not the same as being in a lesson, and we are looking at how we can improve what we provide so that everyone can continue to access their learning.  Staff are currently researching range of learning platforms, which involve visual contact with staff, sets clear deadlines for pupil’s work and provides support and feedback.

Parents have asked if we can “live stream” lessons to pupils forced to stay at home. Unfortunately, technically and educationally, it just does not work to deliver simultaneously an online lesson and a real one in a classroom.  

We talked about school communications and felt that on the whole, communication struck a good balance; the videos shot by staff were positively received.  We agreed to the exploration of a video recording to supplement the information that was provided to ensure key messages were clear and understood by all. 

We will aim to meet next half term too.