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New Round Hill Primary School App

New Round HIll Primary School App

Dear Parent/Carer,

Why not try our School APP

The app gives you the benefit of direct access to t of the school website.   At the click of a button you can view the school calendar and even add the dates directly into your own calendar. Absence reporting is made much easier too along with all the latest school news, letters and Bulletins.

The application (app) also provides you with a direct means to contact our school by phone or email and a link to the school website.  

We are encouraging you to download the app to children’s devices too. 

How the app Works

Firstly, you will need to download the app from either the iTunes App Store , Google Play or Windows Store by clicking on the relevant buttons below or by loading up the app store on your phone and searching for ‘School News’.

Once you have located, downloaded and launched the free app you will then be able to either click on the ‘Find my school’ button which uses the phones GPS to locate all the schools in the surrounding 20 miles, or you can type in the school's name or postcode and click on ‘Get my school’ button.

Your school's postcode is: NG91AE

You will then see a list of schools that use the app. Click on the school you wish to subscribe to.

You will then be able to click on the ‘News’ button to view all of the latest news items that have been added to the school(s) you have selected and also all of the upcoming calendar events by clicking on the ‘Events’ button.

Clicking on ‘My Schools’ will display a list of schools that you view news and events for. Clicking on one of the schools will the display the school address, telephone number and email address which you can click on to either phone or email the school directly from the app.

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