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2017 KS2 Results and Performance Data

KS2 2017 Achievements

The DfE Will publish the Primary School Performace Tables in December 2017.  In the meantime please find a summary below:

Average progress scores in:

Reading +2.6

Writing -0.5

Maths -0.7

Average ‘scaled scores’ in:

Reading 108.3

Maths 104.7

Percentage of pupils who achieved the expected standard or above in:

Reading 82.8

Writing 75.9

Maths 79.3

Percentage of pupils who achieved a high level of attainment in:

Reading 48.3

Writing 29.3

Maths 29.3


KS2 2016 Achievements

If you would like to see the Primary School Performance Tables 2016 please click here.

Description of Round Hill Primary School and the KS2 cohort

Round Hill Primary School is a larger than average primary school whose pupils come from an area with low levels of social disadvantage when compared to all primary schools in Nottinghamshire. There are more than average pupils from minority ethnic groups and more than average whose first language is not English. The proportion of pupils with learning difficulties and/or disabilities is below the Nottinghamshire average.

The school was last inspected by Ofsted in November 2012 and is a good school.