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29.01.2019 Foundation Disco Letter

Round Hill Parent Teacher Association

Round Hill School

Foster Avenue





Round Hill School Disco Foundation 14th February 2019



Dear Parents/Carers


The RHA are pleased to let you know that we are putting on a school disco for the children.


The Foundation disco will be on Thursday 14th February between 3.45pm and 4.30pm and the cost for the disco will be £2.00. The price of the disco will include a bag of crisps and some juice/water.


Parents/Carers will need to attend the disco with their child/children.


If your child/children wish to get changed for the Disco then once you have collected your child and all children have been collected you will be allowed to go back into their classroom/corridor in the Foundation unit and help your child/children get changed. 


If your child does not want to get changed you can come back in through reception.


You will then be able to walk down to the hall with your child/children and attend the disco, you will need to take their belongings with you as at the end of the disco you will not be able to return to the Foundation unit, anything forgotten will need to be collected the next day.


We look forward to seeing all the children at the disco.


    Yours faithfully,



Round Hill Parent Teacher Association














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