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Autumn 2 Week 2 Quarantine Activities

Please see below for an outline of the weekly KS1 activities for phonics, English, maths and topic. You will also find attached some resources/worksheets for some of the planned activities. We hope you enjoy them!

Maths Activities: 

Session 1: 2D shapes – Triangles

Complete lesson then complete the worksheet. Can you find any triangles in your house?

 Session 2: 2D shapes – 4 sided shapes

Complete the lesson and then complete the worksheet. How about making some 2D shape dinosaurs? Can you name the shapes you have used?

Session 3: 3D shapes

Activity – Can you sort the 3D shapes? Which 3D shapes can you find in your house?

Session 4: Recognise the value of coins Complete the lesson.

Activity - Match the coins to the values and then order the coins by value.

Session 5: The value of coins

Activity – Can you answer the tricky questions? Can you play shops at home? What could you buy?