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Bulletin - 1st February 2019

Round Hill Bulletin – 1st February 2019

The Round Hill Bulletin is designed to help disseminate important information in between monthly Newsletters.   A copy will be placed on the School Website.

Whole School Information

sQuid Account (copy of important information that appeared in the Jan Newsletter)       We would appreciate your support in helping solve the following problem:

A minority of accounts are consistently overdrawn which causes extra work for staff as well as school having to cover the cost of this.

Therefore, going forwards, if there are not sufficient funds in the sQuid Account, we will not provide a hot school meal for your child and parents will be called and expected to bring a packed lunch in to school.   The sQuid Account has an “auto top up” feature which ensures your account never goes overdrawn and which is used by a lot of families in school.  If you prefer not to use this feature, please monitor your account regularly to ensure there are funds in place. To help you with this, the below confirms the daily and weekly cost of meals:

Daily cost: £2.29

Weekly cost: £11.45

Cost for a 6 week half term:  £68.70

If your child stays some days and not others, please work out the cost for the half term and ensure this amount is paid into your sQuid Account. If this causes you any concern, please come and speak to me. 


Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) Consultation       Nottinghamshire County Council has asked us to bring to your attention their current Consultation.  The Consultation is on the proposed updates to arrangements for supporting schools and other educational settings to make additional provision for children and young people with complex SEND (High Needs).  All documents are available on the NCC Consultation website:


The Consultation period is open from 18th January to 15th February 2019.


Round Hill Embroidered Uniform              In May of last year, we launched the Round Hill embroidered uniform via the Tesco F&F website.  F&F are now transferring this service to ‘My Clothing’ and therefore all of our products will now be available via ‘My Clothing’. All products and prices remain exactly the same but you will now need to log on to: Please start using the new ‘My Clothing’ website with immediate effect.  Please note, if you have recently placed an order with F&F, this will be fulfilled by F&F.  All new orders need to be via ‘My Clothing’. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact a member of the office team.


Dates for the Term - Good Work Assemblies

Dates for all of the class Good Work Assemblies for the school year are on the school website. Click here to view the calendar.  Please check carefully the dates of Good Work Assemblies.  The next one is Herons and Wrens on Thursday 7th February from 3:00pm to 3:25pm. It would be great to see you there.  We always aim to remind you of the dates via text messages as well. 

New Parent Governors Further to our recent elections for three new parent governors, I am pleased to welcome Emilie Carr, Julianne England and Simon Plummer onto the Governing Body.


Parents’ Forum and Reading Volunteers               Thank you to everyone who attended the Parents’ Forums this week.  I will write a blog and post it on the school website soon and let you know what we talked about.


In the meantime, could I just flag that we are still looking for reading volunteers to help hear children read.  If you have some spare time, even just 30 minutes, it would be great if you could get involved.  Not only is this a really rewarding thing to be involved with, you will also be helping out some of our children who need that extra bit of practice.  No expertise is needed, but we do have a range of support materials and will also provide training as required.  Please e-mail the school office if you are able to get involved.


Lost Property Collection After School      We realise that our strict policy of parents not coming into school at the start and end of the day means that parents are maybe missing the opportunity to check the lost property boxes.  If you do need to check the boxes, please call in to reception after school and the office staff will be able to help. 


If your child goes to Roundabout, then ask the staff there who will be able to escort you into school to check.  Please do not walk through school without permission or without being accompanied.  Thanks for your help in making the school safe.