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All teachers at Round Hill use ClassDojo to connect with their parents.  If your child is new to Round Hill and you haven't yet opened a ClassDojo account then please visit the section on the right hand side of this page called 'How to Create a ClassDojo Account'.

How we use ClassDojo at Round Hill

ClassDojo can be used by teachers and parents to communicate during school hours. We deliberately set the accounts so that staff do not receive notifications outside of school hours. Teachers may not see a message sent late at night or early in the morning and ClassDojo is not monitored over the weekend. In addition, some staff work part-time and are not expected to check ClassDojo on a non-working day. Therefore, for anything urgent during the school day you must contact the school office by phone.

What can parents and teachers use ClassDojo for?

Teachers and parents can communicate via ClassDojo during the school day for positive reinforcement of the great work children do in school or at home. This may be to share photos of the work a child has done or photos of the whole class participating in an activity. Parents can use ClassDojo for a non-urgent, simple welfare concern about their child but please note that it may take up to 48 hours for a teacher to respond. If a more urgent response is needed then please email the school office  Class teachers will often communicate whole-class messages on the Class Story and we will post whole-school messages on the School Story so please ensure that you are checking ClassDojo regularly for these purposes as well.  Whenever you use ClassDojo, please keep things positive to demonstrate to your child how social media should be used for positive reasons.

What should ClassDojo not be used for?

ClassDojo should not be used for any administration related questions. All administration related questions should be either submitted via the correct Form on our website (as listed below), emailed to the school office ( or telephoned to the school office on 0115 917 9262.

By all communication coming through the School Office this will ensure that communication reaches the correct person and is responded to in a timely manner. If you do ask an administration question on ClassDojo then please do not be offended when this is not responded to.  To summarise, it is critical that ClassDojo is not used for any of the following:

  • To let us know your child is unwell and cannot attend school (please use the Absence Daily Reporting Form on our school website)
  • To let us know that your child has an appointment during school hours (please use the Term Time Leave of Absence Form on our school website)
  • To request Leave of Absence from school (please use the Term Time Leave of Absence Form on our school website)
  • To let school know about any medical / health problems
  • To advise someone different is picking up your child from school
  • Queries about sQuid
  • Questions regarding refunds of trips
  • Music lesson enquiries / changes to music lessons in school