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Curriculum (EYFS)

The Early Years Team are committed to providing an engaging and inspirational curriculum that will entice children into asking questions and enquiry about what they see and hear around them. 

We take great pride in providing children with a range of experiences and opportunities to try different things whilst making memories they will never forget. We want children to leave their first year of school with all the tools and characteristics needed to ensure they become lifelong learners. 

Please see below an example of the Long Term Plan for this year's cohort. This document is an overview of the topics and learning intended to be taught during each of the six half-terms. 

To ensure parents and carers are well-informed about what is happening in school, we have made topics webs for each half-term. Each topic web has an overview of what is to be taught and experienced in each area of the curriculum along with suggested books that will be looked at to facilitate your child's love for reading. 

Autumn Term Two 

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Spring Term One 

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Spring Term Two 

Summer Term One