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Family Of Schools

We are part of the White Hills Park Family of Schools. This group of schools comprises Round Hill Primary School, Beeston Fields Primary School, Wadsworth Fields Primary, Albany Junior School, Albany Infant School, Eskedale Junior School, Alderman Pounder Infant School, Bramcote Hills Primary, St-Johns (Stapleford), Bramcote CofE School, Foxwood Academy and The White Hills Park Federation Trust.

We work closely with the family of schools to ensure that all of the children in our schools have the best education and make the most of opportunities which are available to them.  

The staff across the schools work together on lots of different aspects of education such as:

  • Transition to secondary school to make sure that this is a positive experience for all children;

  • Special Educational Needs so that the children have a consistent provision across our schools;

  • Leadership so that we make joint decisions about key aspects of education which affect all of our schools;

  • Moderation to ensure we have a common understanding of assessment across our school

The children in our schools get lots of opportunities to work with each other and take part in competitions for example:

  • Various sporting events

  • The  Sports Leaders organise several sporting events for groups of children at the primary schools throughout the year

  • Taster sessions at White Hills Park Federation Trust

  • The Family of Schools working together is an important aspect of our work for the benefit of all of the children in our wider community.