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Governor Recruitment

Nominations for Parent Governors

1st October 2020

Round Hill governing body has three vacancies for parent governors and is looking for parents who have children at the school. The term ‘parent’ relates to any person who has ‘parental responsibility’ as defined by Section 576 of the Education Act 1996.  If you have any queries about your eligibility as a parent, please contact the head teacher for further advice.

We are looking for parents who possess the following attributes:

  • Curious – possessing an enquiring, open mind and an analytical approach, understanding the value of meaningful questioning
  • Committed – devoting the required time and energy to the role and being ambitious to achieve the best possible outcomes for our Pupils.
  • Collaborative – prepared to listen to and work in partnership with other governors and understand the importance of building strong, working relationships.
  • Community Focused – being welcoming and inclusive
  • Creative – able to challenge the conventional wisdom and be thoughtful, open minded about new approaches to problem solving
  • Perspective – bringing a vital perspective to the governing body reflecting the diversity of the school and local community.
  • Have knowledge of and could support school with compliance for GDPR

Nominations Forms will be sent out on Friday 2nd October

Each nomination must be received at the school by 10.00 am on 15th October

See below for more information -