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Homework to be submitted on 05/10/20

Dear Year 6 pupils,

Your homework will be given out every Wednesday. It should be handed in by the following Monday at the latest. 

Your homework should be completed in your Homework book, however your Homework book should not be brought into school. 

Instead, please send a photo of your work to your teacher using your Class Dojo Portfolio. 

Your homework should be sent as one portfolio post. You can add multiple photos to one post (ask your teacher if you are not sure how to do this.)

Spellings: Please practise your spellings daily. Your task this week is to write each word out three times using fancy fonts!
Reading: You should be reading every night and recording this in your reading planner. Don't forget to get your parent/carer to sign your planner.
Topic: Log into Purple Mash and look at the 2do task. Create the front page of a magazine for tourists in Sydney. Don't forget to save it.
Maths: Write an arithmetic quiz! Think of 10 simple questions to write E.g 5325 - 2442 = Don't forget to write the answers. 

We can't wait to see your fantastic homework on your Dojo Portfolios.

The Year 5/6 Teachers