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Keeping Active

Round Hill is keen to use physical activity as a vehicle to promote community, and as always, the school games values. From the 20th April a county-wide offer for the current situation, including virtual competitions, will be launching;

We want to promote the personal challenges, take part in some or all of the competitive elements as a school, as well as encouraging the wider 60 active minutes a day agenda.

In the meantime, the links below will take you to what’s already available…

  •   Yoga: Series of short instructional videos building to full practices, useful for working on mindfulness, flexibility and physicality. 
  •   Parent Newsletter: Some ideas and links to help remain active and well.
  •   Resources and ideas: We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible, with only high-quality content. 
  •   Personal challenges: There are obviously many challenges online at the moment. We will be  engaging in the local offer to help maintain a sense of community, as well as compiling a consistent source of appropriate high quality activities.

Notts School Games: 

Would you like to be a part of the Notts School Games Virtual competition? Stay active and enjoy some friendly competition alongside class friends with a chance to win points and prizes while competing for your school.

A new programme has been launched by the Notts School Games Organiser Network and Active Notts to help keep our children and young people active at home. The activities will give everyone new and exciting ideas on how to be physically active, with a different sport theme each day, for approximately half an hour.

Every Friday there will be a virtual competition that the children can enter. You will need to click on the link below to sign your child/children up. This must be completed by an adult.

The virtual competition:

The weekly virtual competition can be found on the Friday activity card and on the schedule page each week. This can be accessed at any point throughout the week, not just on a Friday.

Prizes will be awarded to schools with the highest percentage of entries based on pupils enrolled. There will be certificates for all entrants and a prize draw after the last week, for those who have entered 100% of the virtual competitions.

The first schedule is up and running and based around golf, do not worry, you do not need any sport specific equipment, as each of the activities has been designed to explore items you can find around your house.

All information can be found here:

Check out this video for more info…

We understand there are lots of online resources and would like to point out that this is just for fun and is not something we want any of our Round Hill families to feel pressured to join. It is here to support and engage children, while exposing them to some friendly competition all while keeping fit and healthy!

#stayinworkout #stayhomestayactive