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Meet the Round Hill Governors

Duncan Hanslow - Chair of Governors Co-opted Governor

First elected 19/05/2015; term ends 31/01/2022

Chair of Governors

I am the father of two children that attend Round Hill and have recently been co-opted to the governing body.  My professional background is as an accountant and I work at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust where I am a General Manager.

Mariella Farrelly - Parent Governor

First elected: 27/11/20 - Term ends 26/11/24

I am a mother of three children, of which the eldest in the Early Years Foundation.  I felt that now was a good time to engage with the school and give back to the local community. I am looking forward to contributing to the wonderful inclusive environment of Round Hill School. I work as a hospital Pharmacist and have experience in leading medication safety initiatives, drug budgeting and supporting junior staff.

  Stephanie Barnard - Parent Governor

Ian Culshaw - Parent Governor

First elected: 27/11/20 - Term ends 26/11/24

My daughter has just started in foundation, and I have been elected as a representative parent for Round Hill School. I will be committed to the school’s continuous improvement for the benefit of all children who attend, and helping to keep the school accountable for deviating from the ethos’ that it has
already established whilst pushing for higher inclusivity wherever possible.

Professionally, I am a Software Engineer responsible for leading a team and alignment of the technical direction of the company.



Marc Sneddon - Co-opted Governor

First elected 1/08/2016; Term ends 31/12/2021

I have lived in Beeston for over 8 years with my wife. We have three children two of which are in year 2&3 at Roundhill. I became a parent governor in 2016 predominantly to help shape and contribute further to the success and improvement of the school.

Professionally I lead a team in procurement and supply chain for a large PLC based in London and look forward to working with the schools and governorship in using my skills and experience.


Helen Fielding - Co-opted Governor

First elected 14/01/2020; term ends 13/01/2024

I have lived in Beeston for 40 years and as I am now semi-retired I wanted to volunteer in my local community. I was a primary school teacher in Nottinghamshire for 20 years before working in teacher training, specialising in the teaching of mathematics. I continue to supervise school placements for trainee teachers in a range of schools and learn a lot from working with a wide range of teachers and students each year.  I joined the Round Hill governor team in January 2020.  I hope to use my experience to support the staff, children and parents of Round Hill school, through my Co-opted Governor role.


Josh Heyes - Co-opted Governor

First elected 14/01/2020; term ends 13/01/2024

Julianne England - Parent Governor

First elected 14/12/2018; term ends 13/12/2022

I joined the Governor team in December 2018 as a parent governor with the hope of supporting the school, the children and its community as much as I can.  As any parent I would like my child’s experience of education to be the best that it possibly can.  As an educator for 18 years and in leadership for 14 years, I hope to use my wealth of experience to bring positive contributions. I am aware of the many challenges that schools and children face today and as a leader in the Creative Arts I often seek to support creative and collaborative solutions to enrich communities. 



Gill Robins - Co-opted Governor

First elected 14/01/2020; term ends 13/01/2024

After completing a music degree at the University of Southampton, I trained as a teacher. I became a Leading English Teacher in Hampshire and was seconded to the DfE to work on strategies to close the attainment gap. In 2010, I was awarded the UKLA John Downing Award for creative and innovative approaches to the teaching of English. I retired as a Deputy Head. I have published education books and retain an active interest in the effects of praise on children's learning motivation, which was the focus of my MA. 

Hilary Craik - (Vice Chair of Governors) Local Authority Governor

First appointed (LA governor) 11/12/2020; Term ends 10/12/2025

Vice-Chair Strategy

I have lived in Nottinghamshire for the whole of my life. I worked as an independent education consultant, this included leadership development, succession planning and supporting schools and I have recently retired.. Before this, I worked in Nottinghamshire for 34 years and during that time I was a Headteacher and a School Improvement Adviser.  I am a Director on the Multi Academy Trust Board for the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham. I enjoy doing what I can to support Round Hill School.

Mary Graham - (Vice Chair of Governors) Co-opted Governor

First elected 10/07/2018; Term ends 09/7/2022

Vice-Chair Assurance

I have lived in Beeston for over 10 years have two children at Round Hill. In my professional life I have worked mainly in business manager roles, previously in the NHS and now at the University of Nottingham.

As a governor, I am enjoying learning about how schools are managed, and how decisions are considered and made. I want to use the privilege of being a governor to help and support Round Hill in its aims to provide a broad and high quality education for all children. I joined the governing body in 2018 as a co-opted governor.

Charlie Walker - (Vice Chair of Governors) Co-opted Governor

First elected 10/07/2018; Term ends 9/7/2022

Vice-Chair Collaboration

Razina Ayoub - Co-opted Governor

First elected 10/07/2018; Term ends 9/7/2022

Tariq Kataria - Co-opted Governor

First elected 20/10/2018; Term ends 19/10/2022

Peter Smith - Co-opted Governor

First elected 20/09/2016; Term ends 31/12/2021

I first came to Nottingham in 1992 to study Civil Engineering and after finishing my degree moved to Beeston.  After an eight year stint in London I moved back to Beeston in 2007 with my wife, Helen. Our daughter started at Round Hill in 2015, and in 2016 I was asked to join the governing body as an associate member, becoming a full governor in the Autumn of the same year. My professional background is in structural and civil engineering consultancy and I currently run a practice with my business partners which is based in Beeston.

With my experience in business and expertise in the built environment I hope to help the school with any issues relating to the maintenance and repair of the premises and grounds and to assist with matters relating to general business.


Aamir Khalique - Staff Governor

First elected: 27/11/20 - Term ends 26/11/24

I am a Year 5/6 teacher at Round Hill and I love contributing to our vibrant school community. As a governor, I am really looking forward to representing my colleagues and sharing staff perspectives on important matters.  I would also like to learn more about how the school is managed and how the school ensures that we provide a high quality education for all of our pupils. In my spare time I enjoy playing the guitar and running.

Adrian Nash - Head Teacher

I’ve been the Headteacher at Round Hil for over 10 years l and worked in Nottinghamshire schools for more than 24 years.  I joined Round Hill in Jan 2010 with the aim of leading the school in becoming an outstanding setting for the community of Beeston. 

  Joanne Hewitt - Deputy Head Teacher (Associate Member)