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JULY 2018


•             School Menu in September

•             sQuid Dinner Money Accounts

•             Open Afternoon – Thank You

•             Returning School Equipment

•             WhatsApp

•             Disorder in Court – Year 6 Production

•             Cheerleaders

•             Beeston Street Art Festival

•             King Rapper Music Video

•             Alderman White Summer Fayre

•             Art Exhibition

•             Donation to Hobbit Club

•             Message from Miss Morle

•             End of Term

•             School  Calendar – Diary Dates



•             RHA News

•             Nottingham Youth Orchestra

•             Summer Events

•             Beeston on Sands

•             Colour Rush – 5k Fun Run

•             Footlights Summer School

•             Create Art School

•             Nottingham Summer Soccer Fun Week

•             Summer Soccer Schools



On the first 2 days back at school on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th September 2018, the school menu will be as follows:  on Wednesday 5th September it will be pizza with croquettes and mixed vegetables followed by fruit salad.  On Thursday 6th September it will be sausage with chips and baked beans followed by ice cream.  Keep checking the Nottinghamshire County Council website for the new Autumn – Winter 2018/19 menu which will be out soon.  For a reminder of the website, please click here.



One final reminder for this school year to keep your sQuid account topped up for school dinners until the end of term.


Also, if your child is in Year 6 and due to leave Round Hill then please consider whether you may be in credit at the end of term.  If you would like to transfer any outstanding balance to a sibling then the office team are able to do this for you so please get in touch with them.  Alternatively, if you are in credit at the end of term, you can request a refund via the ‘contact us’ section on sQuid.  Please note, the office team are not able to arrange refunds for you, only transfers to a siblings account within Round Hill.



It was lovely to see so many parents/carers at our Open Afternoon on Tuesday.   We hope that you enjoyed coming to see what your children have been learning about this school year.  Thank you once again for your support.



Before we break up for the summer holidays, please can you help your children to search for any reading books or any sports kit which belong to school.



I thought it would be useful to share account information from WhatsApp.  As of May 2018, WhatsApp's minimum age of use is 16 years old if you live in the European Union, or a country that has adopted the GDPR, as the UK has.



What a show!  Thanks to everyone involved in the Year 6 show and thank you to Maddie and Holly for writing this review for the Newsletter:

Act One:

Act One was the court case of Goldilocks (charged for breaking and entering the house of the Three Bears). It was opened by Tweedledum and Tweedledee  a.k.a Georgia and Esme. There were no mistakes and Cameron helped the singers and rappers along with his amazing band - who were Year 6’s. By the time the first half was over, Goldilocks was released not guilty! The audience couldn’t wait (in all three shows) for the next act.

Act Two:

Act Two was the Crown versus the Big Bad Wolf played by Tom and was again opened by Esme and Georgia. There was some phenomenal singing which blew the audience away like ‘Lies’ and ‘Guilty’. When the football was drawing closer, the Jury decided that Tom was not guilty; Disorder in Court was ended by the whole cast with ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’.


Special thanks to: the backstage crew, the dancers and all the staff who helped! 



Well done to our KS2 Cheerleaders who competed in the Midlands Schools Cheerleading Competition in Coventry.  They performed brilliantly and were awarded 1st place!  The children have worked incredibly hard this year and successfully won all 3 of their competitions.  We are very proud of them; they are a real credit to the school.   We would like to wish our Year 6 cheerleaders all the very best at their new schools and hope to see them at future competitions.



The weekend of the Round Hill Summer Fair coincided with the community Beeston Street Art Festival: an event that aimed to brighten up Beeston both visually and culturally. Luckily for us we were able to take part and had the fortune to have 4 brilliant street artists collaborate to create art for our school. Space Spaghetti by Tim Onga blends beautifully into Lady with the Dandelion Clock by Emily Catherine on the climbing wall. On the back of the hall wall, a visual representation of the school’s aim to embrace a growth mindset: Lightbulb by P0g0 merges into Girl with the Sunglasses by Buber Nebz. The children loved watching the art progress during the summer festival and particularly enjoyed the discussion with Jeanie O'Shea (event organiser) and Emily Catherine during an assembly.



As a result of the fantastic street art we were contacted by a local artist called Kingdom Rapper who is well-known for singing about Beeston and taking part in a lot of community youth work. He wanted to include the street art and children in his new music video: 'NG9 all the time'. 22 children took part in the filming of the video and had a fantastic time!



On Saturday 7th July the KS1 'monkeys'  performed at the Alderman White Summer Fayre. They all did an amazing job despite the heat and smiled throughout. Thank you to all the parents involved for supporting your child at this event.



A big thanks to everyone who came and supported our whole school art gallery. We're sure that you will agree, the children's art work looked amazing and so much work went into each piece. It was also a wonderful and inspiring experience for the children to see their art work displayed in the gallery. We hope that you enjoyed it too.



The club has recently received a wonderful donation of models and scenery from the family of Ian Baldwin. Ian was a friend of Miss Morle's who also worked as a primary school teacher in Cheltenham. He sadly died earlier this year, but his friends and family were keen that his love of Warhammer and the Hobbit Strategy Battle Game in particular lived on. Ian's models will be kept in school for all members of the club to play with, paint and enjoy. We are very grateful to Ian's family for this kind gesture.



Before I was a teacher, I worked in the outdoor education and adventure travel industry.  In my summer holidays, I always try to have an adventure that I can come back and tell my class about in September. This summer, I am leading an expedition to Mozambique and Swaziland and will be taking a group of teenagers from a school near Barnsley to explore, trek and volunteer. We will be volunteering with the Ndinda Neighbourhood Care Point in Swaziland during part of the trip to help them provide facilities for the local community. The team will have a small amount of space in our rucksacks to take donations to the project. Basic books would really benefit the local children as they learn to speak English, so if you have any old books that your child no longer needs and you would like us to take to Ndinda, please drop them into school FAO Miss Morle.


The doors to school will close to pupils on Tuesday 24th July 2018 after another successful school year.  School will reopen again for pupils in Years 1-6 on Wednesday 5th September 2018. 


Staff will start school one day earlier than the children on ‘Administration Day’.  We will set out our priorities for the next academic year and refocus our efforts to make sure we are the best school we can possibly be.  



The Autumn dates for the new 2018/19 Academic Year are now on the school website so please click here to view the school calendar.  All dates are provisional


Yours sincerely

Adrian Nash








We are nearly at the end of the year with just one major event to go, the 'End of Term Bash' TODAY!!! "Midnight Special" will be performing and the bar will be open. All you need to do is bring along a picnic. We are aiming to recycle as much as we possibly can so please do look out for glass and can recycling points. Also, each table will have a bin bag so please make sure you clear up your area at the end.


Foundation sports day is on 18th July. We need cake donations as the RHA will be serving refreshments. If you can lend a hand please let us know.



Recent events have been very successful with the Fun Run raising a spectacular £3,700 and £2,223 at the Summer Fair. Well done everyone! This will go a long way to contribute towards the all weather running track to support the daily mile.


If you have any fund raising ideas that you would like to share please do comment on the RHA facebook page or contact a member of the committee. Also, we are always keen to involve as many parents as possible to help out at events. Please do let us know if you would like to go on to our mailing list.