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Newsletter - January 2019




•             Welcome Back

•             Inset Days

•             Parents Forum

•             Book Fair

•             sQuid Accounts – Years 3, 4, 5 & 6

•             School Answerphone

•             Ilam Hall – Year 4 Residential Visit

•             Allergies

•             Hand Washing Hygiene

•             No Access to School from Roundabout

•             Lunch Wrist Bands

•             Food For Life

•             Message from School Crossing Patrol

•             School Calendar – Diary Dates


•             RHA News


•             Community News



I hope you all enjoyed a break over the Christmas holidays.  We are settling in to the new term and looking forward to a busy spring term.



Our next Inset Day is coming up on Friday 25th January 2019 when the school will be closed to all pupils.  A reminder of the Inset Days for the remainder of the 2018/19 Academic Year is as follows: 


-              Friday 25th January 2019

-              Friday 15th March 2019

-              Monday 3rd June 2019



The next Parents’ Forum Meeting is on Wednesday 30th January at 2pm and a later one on Thursday 31st January at 6pm (please note: this 6pm forum is a change from the previous date).  Please let us know if you are attending so that an appropriate room can be allocated.  As always, the 6pm meeting will only go ahead if there is sufficient interest so it is important to let us know if you intend to come along.  We hope to see lots of you there.



Our next Book Fair will be taking place in the school hall straight after school on Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th January.  Please come along and support the book fair which in turn helps the school to restock our school library.



At the start of each new term, I would appreciate your help in making sure that your child has sufficient funds in their sQuid Account to pay for their school meals.  (This does not apply to Foundation or Years 1 and 2 who do not pay for school meals.)


A minority of accounts are consistently overdrawn which causes the office extra work within school as well as us having to cover the cost of this.


Therefore, going forwards, if there are not sufficient funds in the sQuid Account, we will not provide a hot school meal for your child and parents will have to bring in a packed lunch to school. 


The sQuid Account has an “auto top up” feature which ensures your account never goes overdrawn and which is used by a lot of families in school.  If you prefer not to use this feature, please monitor your account regularly to ensure there are funds in place.

To help you with this, the below confirms the daily and weekly cost of meals:

Daily cost: £2.29

Weekly cost: £11.45

Cost for a 6 week half term:  £68.70


If your child stays some days and not others, please work out the cost for the half term and ensure this amount is paid into your sQuid Account.


If this causes you any concern, please come and speak to me.



When calling the school, please can you only use the answerphone for reporting a child’s absence.  If you have any other messages to be passed on please ensure you speak directly to a member of the office team.



We are pleased to confirm the dates for Ilam Hall as Monday 3rd to Wednesday 5th June. Those observant among you will notice that the rest of the school will be on an INSET Day on Monday 3rd June. 



If your child has an allergy, whether very mild or more severe, please make sure that school is aware of this.  Even if your child never stays for a school meal, it is vital that we have a record of this on our system.  Please either call into the school office or e-mail the team at



Hand washing hygiene is incredibly important in school and is something we frequently talk about to the children.  It would be helpful if you could also take the time to remind your child about the importance of good hand hygiene with soap and water along with the need to dry hands well especially before eating and after visiting the toilet as well as after sneezing/wiping their nose. We have put some resources on our website which you can read by clicking here.



After collecting your child from Roundabout after school, please be aware that you are not able to access school via the corridor and instead need to leave Roundabout via the door into the car park.  I have been made aware that some parents are coming back into school at this time instead of leaving through the Roundabout door.  Please can I ask for your help in ensuring you comply with this.



If you have any of the school green or orange wristbands that we use at lunchtime, please can you return these to the school office or your class teacher.



As a result of receiving some free award packs and resources from Pukka herbs, we have recently enrolled on to the Soil Association’s Food For Life programme.  This programme supports schools in building children’s understanding of how food is grown and produced before it reaches our plate. Food For Life was co-founded by Jeanette Orrey (The Dinner Lady in Jamie Oliver’s C4 programme) in 2003 and hundreds of schools across the country are now working towards or have achieved one of their awards. Our school dinners already have the ‘Food For Life Served Here’ award for using local, seasonal and healthy food. As we work towards the Bronze award, we are planning to grow vegetables and cook healthy dishes with the children whilst making a connection with where our food comes from.


As parents/grandparents/carers we would value your support in building an enjoyment of good food and healthy eating habits for the future. There are lots of ways for you to get involved:


•             At home, talk about food and ask your child to get involved in cooking and shopping. You can even grow your own vegetables/ herbs

•             At school, if you have any spare time we would welcome your support in growing vegetables & herbs.  Or, do you have some gardening advice that you would be happy to come in and share with pupils?  We would also appreciate extra pairs of hands with cooking sessions

•             Discover local produce at our local Farmers’ market


Food for Life has made a significant impact in helping to build children’s understanding of food and helping them to make positive food choices, to find out more click here.



As mentioned in our December Newsletter, there is currently a vacancy for a School Crossing Patrol.  This is due to Jeanette having to resign due to acute health problems.  Jeanette has sent a card to the school which she would like passed on to the children and parents:


To Round Hill School, children and parents/carers, it is with deep regret that I have had to resign my post as School Crossing Patrol.  This unfortunately is due to health reasons.  But, I didn’t want to leave without being in touch to say how sad I am to have to leave and how much I have enjoyed meeting you all and seeing you all every day.  Thank you all so much for making me feel so welcome.  Many best wishes to you all, Jeanette.



All of the dates for the spring term are on the website.  Please click here to view the school calendar.


Yours sincerely

Adrian Nash

Head Teacher




With your support the RHA managed to raise an incredible amount of money last term, which will go towards funding the all-weather mile track as well as other activities and resources used by the children.


The film nights were well attended and raised over £370. Then came our first ever Christmas Shopping Evening. It was a lovely evening with a wide range of stalls to browse, likely to become a regular fixture on the calendar in the future. Thanks to all the stall holders for providing prizes which then went to help create the amazing raffle boxes for the Christmas Fair. The evening raised in excess of £400.


The Christmas Fair was also extremely well supported and we would like to thank all the volunteers who came and offered their time. Also, we'd like to extend this to the Y6 pupils and their parents as their commitment to their pound project was evident in the way they set-up, ran and cleared their stalls, in the process raising £703 towards their end of year trip. Please do continue to support the Y6 pupils with this enterprise - there are likely to be many more resourceful ways of creating even more funds coming from this entrepreneurial group. The RHA raised £1380 from sales of refreshments, admission, the tombola and of course the raffle. Thanks to all the local businesses who donated some wonderful prizes.


Dates for your diary:

Wednesday 13th February - Y1/2 and Y5/6 Discos

Thursday 14th February - Foundation Stage and Y3/4 Discos

Friday 22nd March - RHA Quiz Night

Saturday 6th April - Easter Fair





A reminder that all of the Community Leaflets that we receive are now within the Community section on our website.  


The new website page is under “Our Community” and is called “Community Leaflets”.  Please visit the website regularly to see the events happening in our Community.  Please click here to be taken to the page on our website.