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Optional May Half Term Activities

The holidays are here and the first thing you should be doing is having a rest and giving yourself a pat on the back for all of the things you have done over the last five weeks.  Your teacher has been looking at all of the work on your portfolios on ClassDojo - well done and keep it coming. 

Over the half term, teachers are not expected to look at ClassDojo, but you can still post and teachers will look them after the holidays. 

If you would like some ideas of activities that you could do during the holiday, then please take a look at some of the activities below.

Enjoy your break!


1) We would love to find out what the children get up to during the half term. Therefore, it would be fantastic if your child to create their own holiday diary to share with their class teacher. The diary can be presented in any way that your child wishes e.g. a video, model, written diary or a poster. We can’t wait to hear all about your holiday!  

2) How about creating a Jar of Happiness! You can collect together all of the memories that make you smile and keep them to look at when you're feeling down. Have a look at the sheet below. 

3) What about an outdoor learning challenge? There are over 500 types of wild bird in the United Kingdom, many of which like to visit our gardens and local parks. Can you create a bird feeder? See the instruction sheet below.

4) This weekend is also a special weekend for being out and about in th garden. Starting Friday 22nd May - The International Day of Biodiversity - we're inviting you to take part in a UK wide Garden BioBlitz. Up until Sunday 24th May, the WWF are challenging families to identify and record as many species as possible in your garden using the Seek app by iNaturalist. You can share your observations on social media using #LearnToLoveNature #GardenSafari as well as earn a fabulous Garden BioBlitz certificate!

To find out more:

Reminder: the Bioblitz count is this weekend only, however, head on over to their website as there are lots of other exciting activities you can enjoy throughout the week!

5) Another exciting outdoor learning challenge - how about creating a mini-beast hotel?                                            The size and construction of your bug hotel is only limited by the materials you have available and your imagination! You can easily substitute some of the materials too - make it your own! Mini-beasts are very relaxed tenants and will find the places that appeal to them as long as there are lots of nice nooks and crannies to explore, and some nice rotting bark to munch on.  Find out how you can make one by following this link: