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Round Hill Bulletin - 6th July 2018

Round Hill Bulletin – 6th July 2018

The Round Hill Bulletin is designed to help disseminate important information in between monthly Newsletters.   A copy will be placed on the School Website.

Whole School Information

Message from Joy Miller, Chair of Governors

We want to let you know that, as a Governing Body, we have been invited to consider a proposal from White Hills Park Multi-Academy Trust (MAT), to join them and other local schools in re-forming their MAT. We have met with the Executive Principal and Chair of Trustees to hear their initial thoughts.

 At this point we feel it is important to keep communication open with them and to carry out a process of due diligence in exploring the detail of this invite.

 We have not made a decision to join them, but are invited to shape some of the conversation moving forwards.

 As a governing body we will be working over the next few months to explore what is best for our pupils at Round Hill and this will dovetail with the work we are doing on our Vision and Values. We currently value highly our position as a Local Authority funded school and take seriously any process of even considering a change to that status. We are at a point of exploring options and wanted to keep you informed and invite any thoughts or questions, as ever, via the office or to

 If we were to consider, at a later date, that being part of re-forming this local MAT was looking like the best for our Pupils, then we would engage in a full process of consultation with all parents, staff and stakeholders before any decisions were made.

 Staffing Update

In addition to the staffing item in the June Newsletter, with Miss Smith returning to school in September from maternity leave, Miss Punni will be returning to her work with the supply agency.  We are hoping to see her teaching in and around school in other year groups in the future.  

Being Safe in the Sun

We always encourage the children to be safe in the sun.  During the school day, we ensure that children do not spend too much time in direct sunlight.  Children are encouraged to wear a named sun hat and it would be helpful if your child has sun cream applied before they come to school in the morning.  We always ensure children have access to plenty of drinking water during the day to help keep them hydrated.