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Week Beginning 04.05.20

Hello Year 6's! 

Here are your learning activities for this week. You can find plenty more 'optional' activities to complete by looking at the 'Weekly Work Summary' document below. 

We can't wait to see your work uploaded onto your Class Dojo Portfolios. Remember, you can now earn Petal Dojos to help you receive your Bronze, Silver or Gold sticker at the end of the week!

Take care and have a fantastic week,

The Year 5/6 Teachers


Your Maths lessons are explained in the 'Maths Y6 wc 04.05.20 Lessons 1 and 2' document below. 

You  can also find the relevant videos, worksheets and answers below. 

Times Table Rockstars: Play the 10 Festival and 10 Studio games which have been set for you.


Create a new character for the Night Zoo. See the 'Writing Night Zoo' document below. 

Spelling and Grammar (SpAG):

Spelling: Practise 10 of the statutory spelling words for your year group (See the 'Year 5 and 6 Statutory spellings' document below).

Grammar: Watch this clip. Then create a Comic Strip using inverted commas. 


 This week’s reading comprehension activity, all about Ramadan, can be found in the 'Reading Comprehension Ramadan' document.

Please complete the 1-star, 2-star or 3-star activity - whichever you feel is most appropriate. Our suggestion would be that Year 5 pupils try the 2-star task and Year 6 pupils complete the 3-star task.

Daily reading! Remember to read something which interests you for at least 5 minutes every day. 

Broader curriculum: 

PE: Keep exercising with Joe Wicks!

Computing: Complete the “2Design and make” activity which has been set as a 2Do on Purple Mash. Choose a design and make colourful and realistic vehicles, buildings and masks. If you need help, click the green play button. If you click the purple square, you can print your net off!

Science, PSHE, Topic and RE: Amazing optional tasks are detailed in the "Weekly Work Summary" document below. We can't wait to see the work that you complete! 

Extra fun learning:
  • The 100 Challenge Ideas for Home Learners book (see below) has LOADS of brilliant Maths, Literacy and cross-curricular activities in there which will boost your learning and boost your fun! Can you complete 2 challenges from here per week? Send a photo on your Class Dojo portfolio...
  • Please also have a look at the 'Weekly Work Summary Y5 and Y6 wc 04.05.20" document. There are LOADS of fun and useful 'Optional' activities for you to enjoy on there. Don't forget to share your wonderful work  on your Class Dojo Portfolio!