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Week Beginning 18th May


This week we will be focusing on another of Roald Dahl's stories, Matilda. A lot of you have already read the book or seen the film. Don't worry if you haven't though, the audio version is available for free online. 
There are daily activities for you to do in the PDF document below.



You have become fraction experts over the last few weeks, and now it’s time to use what you have learnt as we explore equivalent fractions! Equivalent is what we call two fractions that equal the same amount. For example, two quarters is the same amount as one half, like we can see in this picture. This week you have some worksheets and a matching game to complete!

Equivalence of One Half and Two Quarters - Year 2 | Teaching Resources

Step 1 – Read through the Intro to Equivalent Fractions sheet and answer the questions. You can use a blank piece of paper to draw shaded in shapes on to help if you need to. Also in the sheets is a fractions wall to help you with all your equivalent fractions work!

Step 2 – Complete the Equivalent Fractions worksheet. Remember you can use the fractions wall to help you. The answers are included so don’t look at them until you’ve had a go!

Step 3 – Play the fractions matching game! Print the sheet and cut out the cards. Match the fractions that are the same amount. Can you get more matches that your family?!



For our topic this week we like you to design and make a new game linked to Roald Dahl. It could be a board game, top trumps, word game, maths problem quiz cards, sporting activity or memory game. We know how creative you are so we are leaving it up to you!

Here are some examples. You can have a go at one of these or make up your own:

  • Top Trumps of Roald Dahl characters
  • ‘Snakes and Ladders’ but golden ticket up and squirrel nut chute down
  • A BFG memory game, matching pictures and names of giants
  • A ‘friendship’ board game between Mr Fox and the underground animals
  • ‘Who’s in the bag?’ guessing game of characters
  • Pictionary Roald Dahl style

When you have created your game, play it with an adult or brother /sister and have fun! We’re looking forward to seeing your efforts!


For our final week on plants, we are going to do an investigation involving classifying plants. Follow the Classifying Plants powerpoint (also available as a PDF). Have fun! There is also an extra challenge to create your own plant quiz based on everything you have learnt this half term. Why not challenge your teacher?