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Week Beginning 1st June


In Maths this week we will be measuring height and length. There is a link to a Length and Perimeter knowledge organiser which will help you with some of the vocabulary and activities in this unit.

1./ Watch the clip below:

Complete the Measuring height activity sheets.

2./ You will need a ruler or tape measure for this activity. Have a look around the house and choose 4 objects. Estimate the height and width of each object before checking by measuring. Use the sheet to record your answers or draw your own table.

3./ My Maths. We have set ‘Introducing perimeter’. This will be a recap for most of you but a chance to practise measuring the perimeter of shapes. As an extension, draw some squares and rectangles of your own and measure the perimeter.

4./ Complete the ‘Measuring perimeter’ sheet. ‘Challenge time!’ is for those children who want to have a go at a mastery activity.

5./ Complete the ‘Converting between centimetres, metres and millimetres’ sheet PAGE 1 ONLY. Use the knowledge organiser to help you with the conversion.



For this half term our topic is going to be sports themed and this week’s work is a focus on your favourite sport. We would like you to research in detail about your favourite sport; you can use the Internet, books, magazines or even videos to help you find out lots of interesting facts about that sport. You might already know lots of facts anyway so you can also include them.

You can be as creative as you want with the way you present your information findings. You could create am information fact file, a poster, a Powerpoint or even video yourself presenting the facts in a documentary style.

To help you decide what sort of facts to research for, there is a Powerpoint about cricket attached. Areas that you could research include:

  • What sporting clothes do players wear when playing the sport?
  • What objects are used in the sport?
  • Where is the sport played?
  • What positions are there in the sport?
  • How do you play the sport?
  • Are there any important rules in the sport?
  • What famous sporting competitions does the sport have?

We can’t wait to see what you create. Good luck!


This week we are beginning our new topic on biographies and specifically sporting stars! We are going to begin by looking at the life of Usain Bolt. 

Activity One: 

Watch the video: It was filmed in 2011 after Bolt had won gold at the 2008 Olympics but was having trouble preparing for 2012. The interviewer asks questions to find out relevant information from Usain Bolt. We want you to list 5 facts you found out from watching the video. As an extension, write down the questions the interviewer asked to find out those facts. 

Activity Two: 

Read the Usain Bolt biography and then have a go at answering the questions about the text. There is an extra challenge to try and write your own question. Use the PDF Usain Bolt Model Text and questions.

Activity Three:

Create your own timeline of Usain Bolt's life. There is a template for you to use, or you can be creative and make your own. If you want to challenge yourself, then you can use books and the internet to find out facts to put on your timeline. If you are feeling less confident, there are some fact cards below.

Activity Four: 

There are three different toolkit challenges to choose from. They range in difficulty from one star to three stars. The answers are at the end of the sheets. When we create a toolkit we think about the key features that should be included in that text type. You need to think about grammar features we have used before but if you need help there is a help sheet at the bottom. 

Activity Five:

Short Burst Write: Look at the picture below and write what you think might be happening using your imagination. The questions will help you!

  • Who are the animals?
  • Why is the ball so big or the animals so small?
  • Where did the ball come from?
  • What are they going to do next?
  • Is there a new sport they could play?