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Week Beginning 20th April

Please choose one task from each subject per day. We would love to see what tasks your child has chosen to do at home, so please send these to your child's class teacher via Class Dojo. 

There are also some fantastic daily lessons and activities on BBC Bitesize for all ages and subjects. 

Maths Daily Tasks:

This week, the children will be learning to name regular and irregular 2D shapes and identify the properties including the number of corners and sides. There is an additional PowerPoint to support the teaching of 2D shapes. 

1) At the beginning of our maths lessons, the children usually complete a 'Fluent in Five' task. This task consist of five questions which help to develop the children's mental arithmetic skills. In the PowerPoint attached below, there is a 'Fluent in Five' task for every day this week. It would be great if you could write down the answers on a piece of paper or on an iPad and send them to your portfolio. Good luck!

There is also an additional mental arithmetic quiz that you can complete (see attachments below).

2) Guess My 2D Shape

3) Look carefully at the properties of each 2D shape on the worksheet and complete the missing information in the table.

4) Can you sort the irregular 2D shapes so that they correctly match the headings? Remember an irregular 2D shape is one without equal sides or equal angles.

5) MyMaths- 2D shape properties

* Extra Challenge* Can you complete the 2D shape pattern and then create your own?

English Daily Tasks:

Pencil control and handwriting activities can be found below. Also, see the attachments below for this week's English daily tasks. You will also find some spellings and phonics activities to complete on Purple Mash.

Reading Daily Tasks:

Please read with your child on a daily basis and ask them lots of questions about the events, characters or facts.

Topic - Home and Away:

This term we will be exploring Brilliant Beeston (home) and Bustling Bangkok (away). We will be learning all about the differences and similarities between these two places.

This week we wil begin at home by exploring Brilliant Beeston. We have received a friendly letter from Kamon, a student in Bangkok, who would like to know more about where we live, what our homes are like and what our school is like. The activities below will help you to start thinking about what we could tell Kamon about Brilliant Beeston. Explore the different types of buildings on your daily walks and don't forget to share with your teacher on Class Dojo what you find out.