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Week Beginning 30.03.20

Hi Y6's :)

We hope you are keeping well and washing those hands regularly!

Keep working hard on those key skills in maths, reading and writing and ensure that you have lots of fun on the websites to keep your brains going!

Please have a look at the 'Year 5 and 6 Home Learning Tasks 30.03.20' document below. It provides you with a full picture of all the brilliant activities you can complete this week. We can't wait to see your awesome work shared on your Class Dojo Portfolios!

Maths: Work through Y6 Maths Lessons 1 and 2 (see the documents below)

Write a letter to the elderly (See the 'Writing Task' document below)

Spelling and Grammar (SpAG): Complete this week’s activity which has been set on Purple Mash. There is a help sheet on the school website. ('SPaG help sheet')

William Shakespeare reading comprehension.

Please complete the 1-star, 2-star or 3-star activity - whichever you feel is most appropriate. Our suggestion would be that Year 5 pupils try the 2-star task and Year 6 pupils complete the 3-star task.


Please have a look at the 'Year 5 and 6 Home Learning Tasks 30.03.20' document. There are LOADS of fun and useful 'Optional' activities for you to enjoy on there. Don't forget to share your wonderful work  on your Class Dojo Portfolio!

Well-Being: Ensure you get plenty of fresh air, time to chat with friends over face-time and with parents during this time.