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Week Beginning 30th March

Hello! Here are your weekly tasks for the week beginning 30th March. Try your best and have fun!


This week we will be thinking about arrays. 

1.Work through the comparing statements powerpoint and familiarise yourself with arrays. Have a go at drawing or creating some examples as you work through it. Why not post them on Dojo!

2.Using what we have learnt, have a go at the matching array cards. Write out the multiplication statements for each pair.

CHALLENGE: Could you create your own set of array matching cards? 

3.Try and have a go at some of the questions from the comparing statements challenges (PDF). The answers are at the end of the sheets.

We have also set you a task on My Maths involving word problems. Think about arrays when you are working through the task but you will also need to decide which operation to use. 

My Maths.



Choose one activity to do each day. (Some activities need to be done in a certain order, so read through carefully first!)

1. Short burst write

Look at the picture below. Where does the tunnel lead? What is the source of the light? Do you think the rabbit will go through? Has it been through before? How did it find out about the tunnel? Would you go through it?

 2. Use the travel brochure you made last week to plan out a script for a TV advert to advertise your Roman town. Remember, you will need to use persuasive language, including rhetorical questions, repetition and wow words. Use the persuasive writing toolkit attached below to help you!


3. Use your plan to write out the script for your TV advert. Are there any words you could up-level? Check through the toolkit to make sure you have included all the features of persuasive writing. Use the example script to help. 


4. Ask someone in your house to help you film your TV advert for your new Roman Town. Is there anything around the house you could use as a prop? What different locations around your house can you use? (For example, if you are talking about a bath house, you could go in the bathroom). You can watch Miss Lewis’ video for some inspiration at


5. Write a book review of either the book you have been reading or your favourite book. Use the template to help you. Make sure you write in full sentences and use WOW words that will persuade other people to read the book.  


This week in topic you will be learning about Roman Numerals. There are two versions of the PowerPoint, pick the one that is right for you. There are activities on the PowerPoint and there is also an activity for you to complete on Purple Mash.