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Week Beginning 6th July

We are entering a new phase of school opening. The majority of children are coming to school, but some children will remain at home accessing our online learning. We are continuing to provide 5 days of work online, however some work will be marked 'school' and some will be marked 'home'. If your child is coming to school you only need to complete those activities marked home. If your child is not coming to school, the activities marked school should be completed in addition to those marked home.



Read the story on the called The Lion Inside. Discuss the main characters. Split a piece of paper  for the lion and mouse. Compare and contrast the lion and the mouse.  How would you describe each character?  How are they described in the book? Think of questions you would like to ask these characters. Write your questions in your book. Write a character description for the mouse and the lion. You can also draw a picture of the characters.


Read the story from yesterday. Look at the pictures with speech bubbles. How you think the characters are feeling/thinking in each picture. Record your ideas in your book. Complete the speech/ thought bubbles for each picture.


Read the story. What do you notice about the style of writing. Gather a list of the rhyming words to create your own rhyming word dictionary. Can you think of other words that rhyme with the ones you have found? Can you think of other rhyming pairs? Create a list to use later.


Read the story. Today we are looking at alliteration. Can you identify alliterative words? There is a list below for you to check how many you found. What other alliterative words you use? Create a list for use later.


Look at the opening stansa. Can you draw an illustration for these words?

In a dry dusty place where

the sand sparkled gold,

Stood a mighty flat rock – 

all craggy and old.


Topic - Home

For topic we would like you to go to Purple Mash to complete some work on 'African Pattern Art' and also an 'All about me' activity. You can find these activities on your '2dos'.


Maths - Home

You will be doing some exciting and different maths learning at school, so the days you are at home you will be carrying on with our current maths topic! Last week you were learning all about angles, this week you are going to be learning about different types of lines that create these angles!

Lesson One

Today we are learning about perpendicular lines. These are two straight lines that meet to form a right angle (we know what a right angle is from last week!). Read through the lesson sheet and then have a go at the worksheet.

Lesson Two

Today we are learning about another type of line; parallel lines! Parallel lines are a set of lines that do not make an angle and never meet, no matter how long they are drawn. Look around your house; can you see any parallel lines? Read through the lesson sheet and then have a go at the worksheet.

Lesson Three

Today we are looking at vertical and horizontal lines. Where might you have heard these words before? Have a think, then read through the lesson sheet and have a go at the worksheet; you will need to use your new knowledge of perpendicular and parallel lines! For the activity, you can use a piece of string and some blue tack to weigh it down. Look for objects that have vertical lines around your house.

Maths - School.

Day 1

Watch the YouTube clip about bar graphs. Then do page 1 and 2 of the differentiated worksheets. (Called ‘draw bar charts’). * is the easiest and *** is the hardest.

Day 2

Discuss with the class (or your family) what you would like to research. Will you ask people what their favourite fruit is? Or their favourite sport? On page 3 of the differentiated worksheets (called ‘draw bar charts’) write your choices in the table. For example; apple, pear, banana, orange and melon.

Ask the people in your class – by a show of hands, (or the people in your home) which is their favourite and record it in your table. Use that data to draw your bar chart. If you have crayons you can colour each bar a different colour.