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Week beginning 15th June


Carrying on with our sports topic, this week we want you to get creative and active! Your task this week is to design and create your very own obstacle course. First, it is important to draw your design for your obstacle course, make sure you think carefully about what objects you can use in your course. Be creative as you want! Then, once you are happy with your design you can make your obstacle course in your garden or a room in your house, but make sure you ask your parent’s permission first. Once you have made your obstacle course, you can then test it out; why not get other members of your household to have a go to! There is a document with ideas of DIY obstacle courses that you can use for inspiration.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Activity One

You are going to create your own sporting star. You can base them on a star you admire or you might just want to create your own star. Using the thought shower we used last week, you are going to create your own mind map for you star. There is an example biography of Tom Daley attached if you would like to choose him as your star. You can either write about Tom or use it to get some ideas. It is also a good resource to look at because key features of a biography are highlighted. You might want to think of lots of possible ideas before deciding on your final idea. You might also want to edit some of the headings.

Activity Two

Create a timeline of your sports star. You can annotate the time line of draw pictures to help you identify when key things happened in your sports star’s life. There is a timeline with headings that you can add dates around or there is a blank template you can add your own dates to.

Activity Three

Today, we are going to plan what we are going to write under each heading. Your timeline and thought shower will help you to think of ideas. Aim for 3- 5 bullet points under each heading. Use the document called planning sheet. 

Activity Four

Today we are going to write the first two paragraphs of the biography. There is a key word box to help you.

Activity Five

Today we are going to write the final two paragraphs of our biography. You might want to write it up in near afterwards to practise your handwriting. 

We can't wait to see your final piece!