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Update - Footpath Closure

17th November 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

I wrote to you just before half term to explain that due to a major refurbishment of Beeston Library the footpath was being closed between Nuart Road and Foster Avenue.  This is due to the inability to provide safe access across the Library’s land during the improvement works....

As some of you will be aware the footpath closure has had an impact on how we dismiss children from school.  We have been regularly looking at the new system and I would like to thank everyone who has given us feedback since the start of this half term. 

As previously mentioned, first and foremost our top priority is the safety of all our children and therefore we cannot allow adults to walk through school.  The governors and I have a duty of care to keep children safe in school and no matter how tempting it might be to just walk through school to save a minute or two this will not be allowed and you will be challenged.

A number of parents are concerned about the increased numbers of pupils being dismissed onto Nuart Road via the small playground.  I stood there at various times this week to see for myself the impact this was having.  After chatting to parents en route I think I have a good idea of the issues parents/children are facing and I write this letter to ask that we all work together to ensure the safety of our pupils by following the guidelines:

No Parking on Nuart Road or in the Pearson Centre Car Park

Whilst carrying out my risk assessment I have noted that in order to help stagger the release of children successfully can I politely request that once you have collected your child from the Small Playground to leave the site quickly and safely of course.  This way parents and childminders waiting for older siblings to arrive can then leave the site in a much safer way too. 

If you are crossing Wollaton Road it is much better to use the pedestrian crossing outside Renaissance rather than using either the central reservation opposite Nuart Road or the narrower pavement outside James Ryan.  This will assist the safety of your children and further ease congestion. 

Staff Car Parking

A polite reminder that if you drop your child off at Roundabout out of School Club then please do not park, even for a short while, in the Staff Car Park.  Please use the on street parking along Foster Avenue and walk your children up to school - It is free for 1 hour.

I hope than you can see from the detail of this letter and the time we have spent evaluating alternative solutions that we take this very seriously.  Having investigated several potential alternatives we feel that none are any safer than the way we are dismissing the children now and in many cases may increase the risk posed to children leaving the site.   We will of course keep this under constant review as we recognise that this is not perfect.  In the meantime parents/carers will need to allow extra time in order to walk the extra distance from one playground to another. 

Can I also request that you pass on the details of this letter and any further letters to adults, including child minders, who are collecting children from school.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Nash

The full letter with pictures is attached below...