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21.05.2019 - Year 2. Summer Camp - Details of the Visit

Round Hill School Year 2 Camp 2019

Thursday 11th July 2019



Useful telephone numbers:        Round Hill Primary                           0115 9179262

Mr Nash (Mobile):                           07966448809


What are the aims in taking my child on a school camp?

             To develop self-esteem, confidence and independence

             To develop social skills and awareness

             To provide opportunities for increased awareness of their own potential and encourage them to develop their own abilities

             To develop their own ability to take responsibility for themselves and others

             To provide a deeper appreciation of the natural environment


How many adults are involved in the camp?

             Several members of staff including: Mr Nash, Miss Naylor, Mrs Briggs, Miss Morle, Miss Back, Mrs Skidmore, Mrs Shipley and others.


What are the sleeping arrangements?

             The tents we are using are new and sleep 4 children in each tent. Friendship groups will be organised by the teachers.

             There is one large tent for the adult volunteers to stay awake and patrol all night.

             The children will try to go to sleep between 7:30pm and 8:30pm (we hope!).


What are the arrangements for eating?

             Each child will need to have had their tea before they arrive.

             The children will have a drink and a biscuit before they go to bed.

             Breakfast will be made and eaten in the playroom (toast and cereal).

             At lunchtime the following day, it would be helpful if the children could stay for school dinners otherwise someone needs to drop sandwiches off at school for them.

             Children with particular dietary requirements or allergies should complete the relevant section of the consent form.


What is the cost of the Camp?

             The cost of School Camp is FREE! However a donation of 50p will be welcomed towards the cost of breakfast.







What are the arrangements for arrival and departure?

             Children leave school as normal on the day of their camp.

             The children should arrive back at school at 5.30pm with their kit (see attached list) and check in at the desk on the school field.

             Please collect your child from 3:00pm on Friday 12th July 2019.


What activities will be undertaken?

             Team building activities

             Activities in the Wild Area

             Games

             Singing

             Parachute games



Can I take my electronic games and toys?

             No, these do not fit in with the aims of our camp.

             Please bring a book/comic/magazine to read quietly in bed if you wake up early!!

             Don’t forget to bring a cuddly toy!


Are the children insured?

             Yes.  Additional insurance has been taken out through Notts.C.C.


What should I take with me?

             A comprehensive list of the kit you need is attached to this letter.


Medical Consent Form

             The Medical Consent Form is confidential.

             A copy of the consent form is attached (to be returned as soon as possible please).

             Please let us know if your child has any special dietary requirements.


How to get in touch with us

             In case of emergency please phone the mobile below which is on 24 hours a day  (Tel: 07966448809).

             NO mobile phones are allowed for the children.


What about First Aid?

             There will be qualified First Aid staff present.

             We have fully equipped first aid kits with us all of the time.


What if I have more questions to ask?

             Please call into school and we will be happy to help answer your questions.


We would love it if all of our Year 2 children take part in this exciting experience. Thank you for helping to make Round Hill School Camp a success.