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Key Stage 1 - National curriculum test results - Info' for Parents

Information for parents leaflet to parents below:

We have been asked to pass on the attcahed leaflet. It explains...

Do you have a child in year 2 at primary school?

If the answer is yes, they will have taken the national curriculum tests1 , also known as SATs, in May. Your child’s teacher will use the results of these tests to help them judge how well they are progressing, but they won’t be using the test results alone. Instead, they’ll be thinking about what they’ve seen over the whole of years 1 and 2 so they can get a full, accurate picture of how well your child is doing. Your child’s school will send you a report on their progress by the end of the summer term. Assessment is important because it helps teachers to understand how your child is doing and put in place support to help them improve if they need it. If, for example, your child is struggling with their reading, it is vital that the school knows this early on, so they can give them the help they need to get back on track. Without these assessments, there is risk your child is struggling and they do not get the support they need. Why the need for assessment in early primary years? The reason this assessment happens is to make sure your child is on course to master the basics of reading, writing and maths by t... click on the leaflet below to find out more