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Newsletter 19 - 25th May - Online Version



Written by Jack in Year 4

All year 4 went on a trip down to Ilam Hall and had a lot of fun everyone enjoyed it especially the egg rockets!


Everyone slept in dormitories; some were en-suites and some only had room for two people! We were allowed to visit other people’s dorms during free time so that meant all of us on the boy’s corridor could all go into one dorm and that’s exactly what happened. Unfortunately when we came out the dorm was a tip!


We did heaps of orienteering at Ilam and it did tire us out but it was all fun. First we just did a little round of orienteering which took a few minutes or so then after lunch we did a big round all over the park! The next day it was raining so everyone did indoor orienteering and we had to find small markers about the size of a plum which was brilliant.

Egg Rockets

Egg Rockets was my favourite part because we had to design a capsule for our egg to stop our group’s egg from cracking. We filled our rockets (plastic bottles) with rocket fuel and pumped them up with air. The twist was you could only use two cups, a piece of paper, a straw, part of an egg box and half a large cupcake wrapper.


The gate leading to the Lidl Car Park was opened again this week to allow access to the school site in the mornings and after school. It is worth noting that there is still on-going building work and having looked at the site the car parks seems a lot tighter to park and walk around than before.

We have spoken to the children today to remind them of the dangers of walking across car parks.  It would help if you could do the same please.  Although, Lidl have given us permission to use their car park again, I would urge you to access it for yourselves to ensure the safety of your children at all times.


If your child is absent from school because they are too poorly to attend, please let the school office know before 10.00 a.m.  We take the welfare of all of our children very seriously so please don’t be offended if we call you to ascertain their whereabouts if we have not heard from you. 

If your child is attending a medical appointment or a music exam for example please could you put the details in a letter/email to the office.  

D&T WEEK (Written by Miss Owen)

Last week was D&T week in which children visited different classes to see each other's brilliant final projects. Foundation stage were busy building foundations of their own, going potty designing some blooming' lovely flower pots and planting sunflower seeds that will be shortly sprouting and shooting sturdily skywards. Year 1 & 2 were fired up designing clay animals and creating barns for their creative beasts.

"Where shall I begin please, Your Majesty?"  The Mad Hatters Tea Party proved a huge success because all the maddest children were there! Year 3 & 4 were hungry for success 'wrapping up' ideas for food packaging and were 'drawing' together ideas for advertisement posters. Year 5 covered models for shelters and floated ideas around for rafts - all made from natural materials that were found in the Wild Area. Year 6 had winning ideas and waved away competition by hand sewing their own Olympic flags. What a brilliant effort from all involved!


Some Year 6 children are organising a mini enterprise event in support of their Pound Project.  Those children, who wish to will be allowed to watch the England v Wales match on 16th June which kicks off at 2.00 p.m. Any child who wants to stay will need picking up later than normal at 3.50 p.m. Watch out for a letter about this which will be sent out just after half term.


Further to the staffing update in Newsletter 17, we are extremely pleased to have been able to appoint an excellent new teacher to start in September, Mrs Lauren Briggs.  She will be in and around school to meet with children and parents in the next few months. In case you missed it, details can be found in Newsletter 15 about class organisation for next year.  


We have stressed in school recently about the importance of washing hands properly. We have also talked about using the school toilets respectfully and helping to keep them clean for other children. We would appreciate it if you could reinforce the importance of this at home.

Click here to find a range of resources to help…


The Round Hill Mixed Choir is looking for some enthusiastic volunteers to join us for one piece at the summer concert.  To make it as easy as possible for any parents and staff who are keen to sing we are holding two rehearsals on Wednesday 22nd June at 3.40 p.m. in the Music Room upstairs (adults only) and then Monday 27th June at 12.30 p.m. in the main hall (with the children).  Don’t feel you have to come to both rehearsals as we know during the school day is tricky for some.  As long as you can make one of them that will be fine.  The concert will then be held on Wednesday 13th July at 4.00 p.m. in the main hall.  No extensive experience is required, just a willingness to get stuck in.



Thank you to everyone who attended the Summer Term Parents’ Forum Meeting.  We were able to gather lots of ideas and useful feedback about school life.  You may remember we have set up a Parents’ Forum Blog all about our Parents’ Forum.  Click here to read more.

So what is a Blog? It’s a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group that is written in an informal or conversational style.


The Governors have updated their ‘Blog’ too as they would like to give parents, carers and other members of our school community a better understanding of what we do. See more in the Governor News section at the end of this Newsletter.


It is very important that you ensure the information held on your child is correct in case we need to contact you in an emergency.  May I remind you it is your responsibility to provide up to date contact details and if any details change during the course of the year then please let us know immediately.


Thank you to everyone who helped support this meeting - from those who attended Parents’ Forums to those who gave us feedback last night.  If you were unable to attend you can find the PowerPoint on the school website by clicking here.


Children are only allowed fruit and healthy snacks at break times as this enables better concentration and certainly improves behaviour. Our School Council run a ‘Healthy Snacks Tuck Shop’ which continues to be a huge success and we are continuing to sell fruit and healthy snacks each day. This is a non-profit making venture organised by the children and Mrs Eddison.


Please send in your Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers into school.  We really do benefit a great deal from this scheme, through the provision of equipment for playtimes, PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs. The box for the vouchers will be in reception or you can give them to your child's class teacher. Thank you!


Below is an extract from the school Medicine Policy…

Most antibiotic medication will not need to be administered during school hours. It should normally only be necessary to give antibiotics in school if the dose needs to be given four times a day, in which case a dose is needed at lunchtime. Parent(s) must complete the Consent Form. The antibiotic should be brought into school in the morning and collected after school each day by the parent. 

Over the counter medicine such as paracetamol/Ibuprofen suspension and hay fever remedies will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances, and be treated in the same way as prescribed medication. Click here to see the full policy.


If you have missed any of the Newsletters you can click here to view them online where they can also be translated in to any language.  Alternatively you can find a copy on the various notice boards around school or ask at the office and they will give you a paper copy.


Click here to view the school calendar.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Nash




The Governors would like to give parents, carers and other members of our school community a better understanding of what we do. We will update this blog regularly to share with you what we have been discussing. If you would like to know more, you can also read the Minutes of Governors’ Meetings. Click here.



Things are full steam ahead for organising the Summer Fair, this year we are raising money towards replacing the small trim trail in the large playground, so if you are able to help in any way please let us know. We really do appreciate your support and without you volunteering your time these events are not possible.

We are especially looking for volunteers that are willing to help in the kitchen at RHA events and are willing to do an online health & hygiene course, funded by the RHA, if you are interested please let us know.

After 1/2 term there will be the usual tombola box in reception for donations, this year we are also asking for stuffed toys for the 'Adopt a new toy' stall. and once again we will be relying on your cake donations on the day of the fair so please save a day for baking.

Recently we have spent £640 on rainy day games and sun hats have been donated to the KS1 lunchtime supervisors for children who have lost/forgotten theirs.



Saturday 25th June – Summer Fair

Friday 15th July - End of Year Bash


Our next meeting are;

Wednesday 25th May, 2:15, Costa Coffee.

Wednesday 15th June, 2:15, Costa Coffee.

Monday 20th June, 8pm at school (please note change of venue).


Please join us and help make forthcoming events a success, everyone welcome.