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Newsletter September 2017 



•             Welcome Back

•             Collection of Children

•             The Start of School

•             Building Improvements

•             Art Work on Display in Beeston Library

•             Communication

•             Diary Dates

•             New Home School Planners 2017/18

•             Home/School Agreement

•             What should I do if I have a question about Round Hill Primary School?


•             School Meals and Squid

•             Snacks at Break Time

•             Returning School Equipment

•             School Dress Code

•             School Clubs

•             Adult Help in School

•             Reminder Trim Trail Use

•             First Day Absence

•             Summer Holiday Challenge

•             And Finally…



•             Alderman White School Open Evening

•             Nottingham High School Open Evening




A warm welcome back to school and the start of another exciting year at Round Hill Primary School.  We particularly welcome our new families and if I haven’t met you already, I look forward to doing so in the next few weeks.



Hopefully you saw the text message that went out earlier this week which explained that the library works are now complete and the site cabins have been removed allowing access once more onto Nuart Road.  Access and dismissal arrangements to school will return to the old systems:


EYFS - collected at 3.30 p.m. – small playground


KS1 - collected at 3.30 p.m. – small playground


KS2 - collected at 3.35 p.m. – large playground


The different end times to the school day are designed to allow parents to walk from one playground to another.  Please note that siblings will now be collected from the places mentioned above and not all in one place.



Please make sure your child is here on time. EYFS children start at 9.00 a.m. and should enter through the gates on the small playground. For KS1 and KS2 children, the whistle goes at 8.50 a.m. on the large playground and this means that all children should line up.  Parents must leave their children to line up on their own.  (If you want to stay and watch your child into school then please do so at a distance.) This not only helps build independence but also helps make sure all the children get into school under the supervision of the teacher. 


We close the school gates promptly at 9.00 a.m. as part of our safeguarding procedures.  Children arriving after this time should enter through the main doors and record this on the pod in the entrance hall.  Late comers will be recorded and monitored. 



Over the summer there have been several improvements in and around the building. A huge thank you to Lynne and her team who have worked hard over the summer months to make sure the school is looking its best ready for the start of the new term.


The new toilet block by the dining hall and the trim trail are not quite finished. The builders have worked really hard to complete on time, but due to the rather wet weather at times there were some inevitable delays - it should be finished by the end of the week, but please be extra vigilant around this area. 



As you may be aware, Beeston Library has now re-opened to the public and as part of the refurbishment, a new exhibition space has been created. The first exhibit to go on display is by local artist Hayley Beckley and the (now) Year 6 children from Round Hill. They completed the project at the end of last half term and their work has been on display since the library opened at the beginning of August, and will remain so until the 28th September.


Hayley will also be running a workshop at the library this Saturday - 9th September from 10am - 1pm so head along if you can. The children had a fantastic time completing their art work and it's a great opportunity to get to see Hayley and what is a fantastic public space that everyone in Beeston should be proud of. Well done to all the children who contributed to the display!



Communication between home and school is important to us.  Please remember to let us have your up to date mobile phone number/e-mail address and let us know of any changes so that we can contact you in case of emergency along with any other regular communications.


If you need to contact a member of staff all emails should be directed to they will then be disseminated to the appropriate person. 


We are changing our Newsletter slightly for this school year and will be moving to a monthly newsletter which we will aim to send out the first week of the month.


This newsletter is being sent on paper to parents of foundation children. All other ‘Round Hill E-Post Newsletters’ will only be available on the school website.  As usual, we will send an e-mail and a text to let you know when the newsletter is available on our website.  If you would like the e-mail sent to a 2nd e-mail address in your family then please contact the office to provide this additional e-mail address.  This has enormous cost savings for school not just in paper but also the amount of office hours it will reduce and helping to save a few trees along the way.  Helping save the environment will help us on our journey towards being a gold ‘Eco’ school.


If viewing the newsletter on our website presents difficulties, please let us know and we will send you a paper copy.     A copy of each newsletter will still be available in the entrance hall and copies will be on the notice boards around school.



Before the summer I posted a list of key dates for the autumn term on the school website.   The dates for the rest of the academic year will be published shortly.



The NEW school planners have arrived and your child should come home with one shortly.  It is packed with useful information about school.  Please take the time to read the Planner and familiarise yourself with the contents. 


The Planner reinforces our school dress and behaviour codes and also has details of how you can support your children with their learning at home.  Of course, rules are always referred to in the classroom on a day to day basis, but it really helps if the children realise we are all working together and saying the same things.


Different classes may have slightly different ways of using the planners according to the age of the children, however all teachers monitor the Planners weekly.  If the information you have written in the planner is important please ensure your child hands it in to the teacher that morning so that any comments can be acted on promptly.  Confidential matters should be written on a separate sheet of paper and put in an envelope.


Parents are required to sign the planner weekly.  The aim is to help your child be independent in their learning through encouragement from both home and school. 



Please take the time to read and sign the Home/School Agreement in the Planner as this is being talked about in class. The agreement was devised by a working party made up of pupils, parents, teachers and governors.  We are asking you to discuss the contents with your child and then sign it yourself.  The children should then sign it as best they can to show they have understood. A ‘Round Hill Rose’ will be given out when this is complete. Thank you in advance for your support. 



If you have a query about school in general there are several ways we can help.  You could try looking at the school website or speaking to your child’s teacher first thing in the morning or at the end of each day.  You could also send an email to the school office, they will ensure the message is sent and dealt with by the correct member of staff.  There are forms in the entrance hall which can be completed with your suggestions about how to make our school better or if you have any concerns.



You can find extensive information about our school, including forthcoming dates and events.  What else would you like to see on our school website?

Please e-mail the school office with your ideas:



You will no doubt be aware that all children in EYFS and KS1 are entitled to a school meal for free. The cost of a school dinner for children in KS2 is £2.29 per day.  Our school cook makes excellent meals which are full of healthy local ingredients.


There is a new school menu for this school year.  You can see the menu on the Nottinghamshire County Council website or by clicking here.

A reminder to parents/carers with a child in KS2 that you will need to ensure you have sufficient funds in their Squid Catering Account.  You will already have details of your Squid Account but just as a reminder please ensure you are accessing this through the web address of

If you have any problems with this, please contact a member of the office team.


Please note that we would never let a child go without food, however where there are insufficient funds in the Squid Account, a child may be told they cannot have a hot school meal that day and will be provided with sandwiches.  (In exceptional circumstances a child may be able to have up to 5 hot meals whilst you make arrangements for funds to be credited to the account.)  Any problems please contact the school office.



Children are only allowed fruit and healthy snacks at break times as it enables better concentration and certainly improves behaviour.  Our successful School Council run a ‘Healthy Snacks Tuck Shop’ and will continue to sell fruit each day.  This is a non-profit making venture organised by the children and Mrs Eddison.



If during the summer holidays you have discovered any reading books or sports kit which belongs to school then we will gladly have them back no questions asked!  The equipment can then benefit other children.  Equally if you have any books you are willing to donate to school that you think are suitable, then please send them in and staff will sort them into their appropriate age range.  Thank you in advance for your help. 



We are a “uniform school”. We believe that a uniform looks smart, wears well and contributes to a feeling of belonging to the school. We ask that all children are dressed in a neat practical fashion to suit the activities they undertake during the day.  For details of our school dress code please see the school website or the school planners.


As you can imagine a great deal of learning time can be lost chasing up missing clothing and therefore please make sure all items of clothing are labelled.  We do our best to ensure all clothing is returned to its owner and our Round Hill Association (RHA) parents group have a uniform return scheme which helps to reunite lost possessions.


If you have any spare plimsolls or trainers that your child no longer requires please send them into school so we can use them.



A range of lunchtime and after school clubs will be starting again soon and more details will follow shortly.



If you have any time to spare, this is your chance to make a difference in school as we are always looking for parents to hear readers etc.  All parents/carers will need to have the relevant checks to ensure they are safe to work with children and will be given support and guidelines about what to do. So, if you think you might be able to help at all during the year, please let your child’s teacher know.



Children are able to use the trim trails and play equipment in the morning and after school including the new play equipment in the small playground.  Please be aware that a member of staff is not on duty until 8.40 a.m.  Before that time use of the equipment will be at your own risk.  The children will be taught how to use the play equipment safely and we will monitor the use of the equipment closely to ensure that children remain safe at all times. 


The older children are allowed to play football in the morning as long as they do so sensibly.



If your child is absent from school because they are too ill to attend, please let the school office know before 10.00 a.m.  We take the welfare of all of our children very seriously so please don’t be offended if we call you to ascertain their whereabouts if we have not heard from you.



Thanks to everyone who completed the summer holiday challenges.  Everyone who took part will receive a headteacher’s sticker and a small prize.



As with all school years this is an important one in the life of your child.  If you would like to get involved in school life the date of the next ‘Parents’ Forum’ is 10th October at 2.00 p.m. and again at 6.00 p.m.


Round Hill is an exciting place to work.  We have a staff team that are passionate about finding ways of doing things better, with a relentless focus on progress in children’s learning.   I will make sure the school has high quality leadership which ensures no effort is spared to give pupils a strong foundation.  I want to ensure that children are treated as individuals and have the support and encouragement to achieve their full potential. 


I am really looking forward to starting the new term and can’t wait to meet the children to talk about their holidays.


I look forward to meeting you in due course. And don’t worry, newsletters aren’t always this long… honest!


Yours sincerely

Adrian Nash






 Nottingham High School Open Morning, Saturday 23rd September 2017

We are writing to invite your girls and boys to attend our annual Open Morning at Nottingham High School on Saturday 23rd September.


Parents can have a guided tour of the Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form or they can take a look around the classrooms at their leisure if they prefer. Children will be able to take part in a fun squirrel hunt at Lovell House, our Infant School, and there will be a variety of activities for children to take part in throughout the whole school. Teachers and current pupils will be on hand to answer questions and discuss what the School has to offer prospective pupils. A video of last year’s Open Morning can be seen here and parents can register their attendance using our online enquiry form


We very much look forward to seeing your pupils at our Open Morning.