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Online Reporting to Parents/Carers

Online Reporting to Parents/Carers

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Round Hill Tracking Scheme

How are we tracking children since levels have been removed?

Since 2012 we have shared detailed on-line information with parents of Year 1 to Year 6 children regarding the assessments we make about their child.  Now that levels have been removed (September 2014) we have changed our tracking scheme to support us in tracking children across school.

Through working with the RH Parents' Forum and our partnerships with other schools we have created some support materials to explain the new systems.     

The guide to our Round Hill Tracking Scheme called 'Golden Codes' below will help parents/carers to gain an understanding of the New National Curriculum 2014 and the Round Hill Tracking Scheme in a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  An explanation of the EYFS curriculum is included and we have also added a separate guide with the same information to make it easier to access to EYFS information.

Round Hill Primary School also records the depth, creativity and complexity to which a child can apply their understanding into other contexts. The 'Mastery' aspect is included in the design and marking schemes of the End of Key Stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum tests and Teacher Assessments from 2016, and is an important second measure of the abilities of a child to demonstrate depth of learning.

The other guide below will also explain the term Mastery in a A Parent/Carer guide to tracking ‘application of learning’.  There is a full version and a summary on one page.

Please note that at the Parent/Teacher Consultation Meetings and on 'Open Day' teachers will talk about how well your child has settled into their new class, their relationships with others and how together we can ensure they achieve their best. We firmly believe that learning at Round Hill Primary School should be filled with creative opportunities and is not just about academic progress. We will always place emphasis on children having fun and learning through experience.

We will continually evaluate the impact of this  initiative as we progress through the year, so any feedback would be really useful. Please contact the school via the office email address at the top of the page.

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Yours sincerely,

Adrian Nash

Head teacher