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Week beginning 27th April

Please choose one task from each subject per day. We would love to see what tasks your child has chosen to do at home, so please send these to your child's class teacher via Class Dojo. 

There are also some fantastic daily lessons and activities on BBC Bitesize for all ages and subjects.

English Daily Tasks:

Handwriting and spelling activities can be found below. This week we have also included a reading comprehension with differentiated questions ranging from 1 star - 3 stars in difficulty, children may choose which level questions they wish to have a go at. Also, please see the attachments below for this week's English daily tasks. You will also find some spellings and phonics activities to complete on Purple Mash.

Reading Daily Tasks:

Please read with your child on a daily basis and ask them lots of questions about the events, characters or facts. 


This week in topic we are on our away leg of the journey to explore and compare buildings in Bangkok to ones at home. There are four tasks in the Powerpoint to choose from:

  • Design your own animal tower, based on the Thai Elephant Tower.
  • Locate Thailand on a map and find its bordering countries. 
  • Once you've found Thailand, label Bangkok and add the compass points to the map.
  • Make a postcard in response to Kamon about what you have found out about Bangkok. Do you think you would like to do a house swap with Kamon?

Don't forget to share your adventures and activities with your  teacher on Class Dojo.

PE:  Balance

This weeks PE challenge is all about improving your balance.

Watch the link below and give it a go!

Don't forget to share how you get on with your teachers and friends on Class Dojo!