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P&P Spring Term - 7th June 2016

The P&P committee met to discuss a range of issues and despite a short agenda we all found lots to talk about! Mr Nash gave an outline of some of the issues that school are looking at with regard to the greater numbers of children in school since the intake increased to 75. This is a ‘work in progress’ and will be discussed at all committee and FGB meetings in future.Governors reviewed and approved the Home-School agreement...

....which had been amended and updated by the Parent’s forum to better reflect the partnership relationship that school has with families. This updated agreement will be included in the new planners from September and feedback is welcomed.

Governors also approved the ‘Reflection and Assembly’ policy after much discussion around how Round Hill meets the needs of pupils from all faiths and backgrounds. Governors were encouraged to hear the range of topics covered in assembly and also made suggestions for future provision.

Governors continue to be involved in hearing pupil voices and have been invited to attend school council meetings on a regular basis. Arrangements have now been made for a Governor to attend one of the July meetings and it is hoped that this can continue to be a regular commitment that Governors from P and P will share.