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Parents' Forum Blog Spring Term 04.03.21

Thank you to the parents who gave their time to attend the meeting today, 4th March 2021.  Parents were invited to feedback verbally about various topics:

We started with remote learning after the Parent Survey results and changes we made last half term.  Briefly, all parents were so appreciative of staff who had done an amazing job.  The new social checks were really positive, the work provided was better with timetables, the recorded lessons gave an option to parents to complete when time allowed.  It was noted that some parents have been overwhelmed with home schooling and balancing the needs of their own work.  It was noted that Dojo has been brilliant, the personalised feedback was really motivating.  The use of Teams has been found to be a little more tricky, but is getting better the more children use it.  I explained that all children in years 3-6 will have training on how to use Teams for submitting homework/assignments when they are back in school. 

We discussed ‘lost learning’, and how we might best support the children’s return to school next week and for the rest for the school year. We talked about the importance of social and emotional needs of the children and how we would place emphasis on learning to learn again.  We agreed that creative activities and sports activities would be key, giving children the opportunity to have some fun and laugh with their friends again.  School is planning in activities on this basis.

We discussed school reports may be different this year, shorter and more tailored to individuals, so that teachers could meet with parents for an additional timetabled slot as in the autumn and spring terms.  It was felt that as late in the term as possible would be preferred.

We discussed the class arrangements for next year and how some children are not ready to move up to the next class as they have missed so much schooling.

Details will follow about the next Parents’ Forum date.