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Introducing the new Round Hill Rose!

The new school vision was officially launched to the children and hopefully you are beginning to notice the new rose appearing in your child's planner! 

The vision is based on children collecting the 5 petals on our Round Hill Rose by displaying the qualities attributed to each colour. When they are spotted achieving one of our values, they will be asked to colour in that petal on a rose in their planner. If they achieve three different petals in a week, they will receive a bronze award sticker. Four petals will earn them a silver award. Five petals will mean a gold award! 

Children demonstrating all of our values will be showing all of the characteristics of effective learning that will set them up for life at Round Hill and beyond.

The children are very excited to get started so be sure to ask them how they are getting on!

The presentation that was given to the children is available to view below. If you have any questions, please ask your child's teacher or send us an email to (FAO The Visioning Team)