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01.02.2019 Primary Dance Festival Letter

                                                                                                                    February 2019

Dear Parent/Carer,


              Your son/daughter has been given the opportunity to perform in the Federation of Family Schools Dance Festival at Alderman White School on Thursday 7th March.


       The event begins at 7pm but you will need to transport your child to Alderman White school for 6.30pm, where they will be met by Miss Naylor or myself. There will be a rehearsal in the afternoon which we will be transporting the children to and aim to be back in school for 3.30pm. Should there be any delays we will contact you via the school texting system.


Tickets will be available for the evening performance and a letter will go out nearer the time.


Please can you sign and return the slip below giving permission for your child to participate in the above event and include a contact name and number.


Yours faithfully

April Nassau

PLT co-ordinator





Federation of Family schools Dance Festival Thursday 7th March.



Childs name__________________________________                       Class__________


Contact name and number_________________________________________________


I give permission for my child to perform in the above event.

I will bring my child to Alderman White school for 6.30pm


Signed _____________________________________                Date ______________