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Bulletin - 12th June 2019

Round Hill Bulletin – 12th June 2019

The Round Hill Bulletin is designed to help disseminate important information in between monthly Newsletters.   A copy will be placed on the School Website.


Staffing News    Mrs Emma Pye and Mr Matt Joyce will be leaving Round Hill Primary School at the end of the summer term.  Mrs Pye has been a key part of the Senior Leadership Team in addition to her role as Inclusion Leader, championing the learning provision of our children with Special Education Needs.  She will be moving to a school in the city and using her considerable expertise to benefit children in another school. 


Mr Joyce has secured a new role at a school in Nottingham City too.  He started at Round Hill as a Newly Qualified Teacher and has added to his considerable strengths during his time here.


Both Mrs Pye and Mr Joyce have been an inspiration to the children in their care and will be a credit to their new schools.  We wish them well in their new ventures and they have already promised to keep in touch.   They will both be sorely missed. 


I have already appointed a replacement for Mr Joyce who, along with the other new staff, will be in school the next few weeks to meet the pupils, staff and parents.  Our new teachers are Mr Amir Khalique, Mrs Audrey Huskisson-Moore, Miss Lauren King and Miss Laura Matthias.  We are confident that the new teachers will make a positive impact as soon as they start.  Most of them are already experienced teachers and come with different skills that will complement our existing team and replace the skills of the staff who are leaving. 


We are in the process of finding a replacement Special Educational Needs Coordinator and I will write to you with more information in due course.   


Proposed MAT discussions          Governors would like to thank parents and staff for their participation in recent discussions about the invitation for Round Hill School to join a multi-academy trust.


The invitation from the White Hills Park Federation, which runs Alderman White School, was discussed at engagement events in April and was the subject of a questionnaire and extensive correspondence.


In all, approximately 160 parents and staff attended events. In total, 144 questionnaire responses were also received from parents, staff, family members and the wider community.

All comments are being collated and all issues raised are being investigated during the next few weeks.


A log, identifying answers to the questions and issues will be published on the school website once completed.  A working party of all governors will meet to discuss the issues and findings on 18th June.  Following that meeting, governors expect to set a date for a vote on the next stage of the process.


If governors decide to pursue the invitation to join the multi-academy trust, there would be a formal consultation and further work on the precise details of the arrangement before governors take a final decision.


Classes for Next Academic Year We understand that the vast majority of Parents/Carers are content and trust us to sort out class organisation in our usual way. However, we also understand that it can be an uncertain time of year for some pupils and we feel it is important to keep you informed so that we can work together to achieve what is best for everyone at Round Hill. We have several information events coming up that are aimed at keeping you informed. If you would like some guidance on how you can support your child then please click here. 


In Summary:

1) 25th June: 4.00pm-4.30pm, Parents Meeting Transition to New Classes.  This is for current EYFS to Year 5 parents (i.e Years 1-6 as of September 2019)

2) 25th June: 5.00pm-5.30pm, Parents Meeting Transition to New Classes.  This is for current EYFS to Year 5 parents (i.e Years 1-6 as of September 2019)

3) 3rd July: Class Swap Morning

4) 5th July: Annual Reports Given Out

5) 9th July: 3.30pm – 5.00p.m. Parents’ Open Afternoon


We have used the same methodology as in previous years.  There is a full explanation of our class organisation strategy on the school website click here.  For 2019-20, EYFS children will be split between the 5 KS1 classes and as school continues to expand there will be 5 classes in Year 5/6 so current Year 5 children will be split from four classes to five.


Parents Meeting – Transition to New Classes      As mentioned above, after positive feedback last year and recommendation from Parents’ Forum, we have decided to continue to hold this event in the summer term with the main focus on transition to new year groups.  The aim is to ease transition and to be familiar with the routines of the new class.  The date of this event is for current EYFS to Year 5 parents (i.e Years 1-6 as of September 2019).  The event will run twice to allow parents who have children in two different year groups to attend both. 


School Reports / Open Day          Now that classes have been finalised, a ‘Class Swap Morning’ will be held on Wednesday 3rd July when the children will spend time with their new teacher.

We plan to hand out school reports on Friday 5th July. As usual, our Open Day will be held the following week, on Tuesday 9th July 3.30 – 5.00pm, when you will have the opportunity to see your child’s books and discuss their report.