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At Round Hill Primary School, we are able to offer a very large range of clubs that cover many different interests! Have a look at all the different clubs we offer for the children. Clubs are aimed at specific groups of children and run at certain times of the year.  Each club page should have information on whom the club is open to and how to join.

As an Access for All school, we strive to include as many children as possible in sporting activity clubs and other clubs whilst also seeking to promote excellence. We run a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs across the different year groups in order to achieve this. 

Some of the clubs are free for anyone to take part in whilst others are organised in order to take part in competitions and therefore participation is based upon a competitive trial. This should hopefully enable as many children as possible to get involved in extra-curricular activities whilst also maintaining a high level of success in inter-school competitions.

Examples of Clubs open to anyone:

  • KS1 Sports or Dance Club
  • Year 3/4  Sports Club
  • Year 3/4 Cross Country Club (After Christmas)
  • Year 5/6 Cross Country Club (Before Christmas)
  • KS2 Choir
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Champions Club

Examples of Teams which require a trial:

  • Netball Club
  • Year 3/4 Football Club
  • Year 5/6 Football Club
  • Cheerleading Club
  • Cricket
  • Sports Hall Athletics

Other teams entered into competition last year:

Swimming, Indoor Rowing, Rounders, Inclusive Games, Mini-Tennis, Dri-Triathlon, KS1 Gymnastics. These teams are either selected by trial, open to all (Dri-Triathlon) or in some cases children are specifically selected.

In addition to all of these fantastic opportunities, the school is still supporting the ‘Daily Mile’ initiative in which all children push themselves to walk, jog or run a mile every day.

Club Organisation:

Please bear in mind that these clubs are highly sought after and we cannot guarantee that your child will get a place. However, we will ensure that every child who is interested in taking part in an after school club will get the opportunity to attend a club during the school year.

We actively prioritise our vulnerable children and those who would not ordinarily get the chance to attend clubs otherwise.  Sometimes children are asked attend in the summer, when they are a little more mature and they are better able to cope with attending a club i.e. some children drop out after only attending once which is usually due to the stamina levels needed for the extended length of the day.  We also have some clubs which have a different selection strategy such as cheerleading, where children have trials and are chosen because they are capable of taking part safely in routines and are the best in school.

Club size often depends on the number children who want to attend, but we always do our best to include all those who want to take part where we are able to. 

At Round Hill we have always run lots of after school clubs.  We believe are doing an excellent job in the amount of clubs we run and, as Head Teacher, I am so grateful to have staff who are willing to give their time and energy, without any extra pay, to give children opportunities.  In addition, it is the hard work of the admin support staff I am also thankful for, without which we could not run the clubs and make sure everyone is safe.