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Fine Finger Fun


Dear Parents/Carers,


Each week we offer children the opportunity to take part in additional physical activities. They are aimed at helping children progress in their fine motor development as well as their language and social skills. 


Baking and cooking sessions take place on a regular basis. We encourage children to use a variety of food and equipment to help them understand how dishes are prepared and made. The children make the food for their Christmas party at the end of this term. There is a strong emphasis on healthy eating and we always encourage children to try what they have made. Fruit kebabs, milkshakes and rainbow toast are always very popular! 


Woodwork sessions take place in our outdoor shed. The children are introduced to a variety of tools and learn how to use them safely and effectively. Previous projects have seen children make their own Christmas tree decoration and renovate a piece of furniture. There is always an eager queue of children at this activity!


To help fund these and other fine finger fun activities we ask you to please contribute £5.00 for this term. This will help us to buy the materials we need for these additional projects. 


Please complete the slip below and return it to your child’s class teacher with £5.00 cash.


Thank you!


The Foundation Staff




Fine Finger Fun activities


I would/would not like my child to take part in additional fine motor activities.

I enclose £5.00 to cover the cost of materials this term.


Signed -------------------------------------------------------------------


Child’s name--------------------------------------------------------------


Please reiterate here any special dietary needs your child has:-