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Holiday Form - Leave of Absence Request

Applications for Term Time Leave of Absence (Holiday Requests)

You may be aware that the Government has made amendments to the Education Regulations 2006 to begin 1st September 2013, promoting good attendance and reducing absences, including persistent absences. It states that headteachers are not allowed to grant any leave of absence for holidays during term time unless there are “exceptional circumstances”.

At Round Hill Primary School we have always worked hard to support all children/young people and their families so as to ensure that all children/young people have good attendance. We feel we have a very good relationship with our community and we fully appreciate that the experience children have on holiday with their family can be incredibly valuable and one which we believe promotes learning. However, as the headteacher, I cannot break the law and I am duty bound to comply with the new regulations.

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The recently updated School Attendance Policy can also be found here.