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Learning Links

The Internet is a valuable source of information and fun to extend learning opportunities at home.

The links on this page can be accessed to support what the children are learning at school.

Coxhoe Primary School

Coxhoe Primary School has a highly regarded school website and is renowned for the quality of resources that can be linked to from their site.  It is well worth a look and enables you to link to resources for children and parents.

Rocks and Soils (Years 3 and 4)

The above links to animated activities about rocks and soils.


For learning and supporting French the link above takes you to great resources developed by the BBC.

Nature Grid

Science activities for young learners.

Story Books Online

Stories on line – with sound files.

Maths Activities

Investigations and problems to solve on line.

BBC Schools

A wide range of learning activities linked to the National Curriculum for all ages.

Phonic Word Searches

Word searches linked to phonics that can be played on line.

The British Museum

Visit the British Museum site to experience virtual history tours.

Primary Resources

This site has a wide range of worksheet-based resources across the primary range.  Activities are subject based and sub divided in to year groups.