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Leave of Absence Request

Applications for Term Time Leave of Absence

This is the place to apply for a planned absence.

Promoting good attendance and reducing absences, including persistent absences is a key part of our role at Round Hill. The Government states that headteachers may not grant any leave of absence for holidays during term time unless there are “exceptional circumstances”.

Parents requesting leave of absence due to “exceptional circumstances” should complete this form at least four weeks before the anticipated start date. Applications should be made before the leave is arranged, otherwise it may not be granted.

Please note: if the Office Team require any further information from you regarding this absence, they may contact you using the details held on file.

At Round Hill Primary School we have always worked hard to support all children/young people and their families so as to ensure that all children/young people have good attendance. We feel we have a very good relationship with our community and we fully appreciate that the experience children have on holiday with their family can be incredibly valuable and one which we believe promotes learning. However, as the headteacher, I cannot break the law and I am duty bound to comply with the regulations.

Click here to complete the Term Time Leave of Absence Form

The School Attendance Policy can also be found below.

This table shows the level of attendance at the END of the academic year.

Children are accessing all learning opportunities

Up to 6 days absence



Very few learning opportunities are missed

Up to 10 days absence



Some learning opportunities are missed

Up to 15 days absence



Risk of under-achievement

Up to 19 days absence


High risk of under-achievement

Over 22 days absence


Severe risk of under-achievement


98% - 100%

96% - 97%

94% - 95%

92% - 93%

90%-  91%

Under 90%








School Attendance Feature - Every Minute Counts

A big ‘thank you’ to parents and carers who ensure their children arrive at school on time. Punctuality is an important life skill. The habit of good punctuality in primary school will help your child throughout their education and on into adult life and the work place. If you are finding it challenging to get your child to school on time, please speak to their teacher.  We can help you with some strategies to support your child.

We have written to parents whose attendance has become a concern and I am meeting with a minority of parents prior to exploration of a fine.

Being on time for school:

  • Gets your child’s day off to a good start and puts your child in a positive frame of mind so that they can make the most of their learning
  • Sets positive patterns for the future
  • Leads to better achievement
  • Helps your child understand that school is important and education is valuable
  • Helps your child make and keep friends
  • Leads to success and self-confidence

Being late for school:

  • Gets your child’s day off to a bad start
  • Can be embarrassing for your child
  • May lead to your child losing confidence
  • May lead to your child feeling confused all day! They will have missed out on vital instructions and bits of news at the start of the day
  • Disrupts the lesson for everyone
  • Can cause your child to fall behind with their work

Persistent absence and lateness can add up to days of learning lost, as shown below:


5 minutes late each day

3 days lost

10 minutes late each day

6.5 days lost

15 minutes late each day

10 days lost

20 minutes late each day

13 days lost

30 minutes late each day

19 days lost