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Medicines/First Aid

This school is an inclusive community that aims to support and welcome pupils with medical conditions.

This school aims to provide all pupils with all medical conditions the same opportunities as others at school. 

The consent of the Head Teacher must be obtained before any medications prescribed by a doctor can be administered in school.

The school’s policy is that medicines required to be taken on a three times per day basis should be given before school, after school and at bedtime.



Any medical issues which fall outside these guidelines must be discussed with the Head Teacher.

Children using asthma inhalers must have an inhaler (clearly labelled with their name) at school at all times and be trained to use it.

Medical Tracker

First Aid Incident and Medication Administration Notifications

Medical Tracker is a first-aid, medical and health tracking and management software.  Medical Tracker allows us to keep electronic copies of incidents, details regarding your child’s medical conditions, medication, care plans, medication expiry, day-to-day incidents and first-aid administered. 

Medical Tracker is GDPR compliant and all supporting documentation about how they securely process and store data in line with the law, is available on their website

Emails will be sent to contact 1 and contact 2 for your child, so please make sure these are up to date and pass on any changes to the school office.

Email messages are sent from Please add this address to your email address books (or approved sender list) to prevent messages being blocked by your SPAM/JUNK filters. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What you will notified about and importantly what we will not notify you about... Below is a guide. If any injuries are of a serious nature, we will always contact you.

Cat 1

Phone call home and report on Medical Tracker


  • Injury to mouth, face or head that leaves a mark or breaks the skin
  • Injury to the groin area
  • Any injury that is clearly visible and likely to cause concern to parents on first sight.
  • Stings with a severe reaction



Cat 2

Report on Medical Tracker


  • All head/face injuries
  • Large grazes
  • Any injury caused by another child ie bite, scratch that breaks the skin
  • Any graze that you are unable to remove the grit from
  • Stings with a mild reaction
  • Splinters


Cat 3

No need to report


  • No visible mark and the child seems their usual self
  • minor cuts/grazes
  • minor bumps to any part of the body other than the head that leave no mark