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Meet the Foundation Team


Meet the Foundation Team

Tuesday 9th September 2014

·         Soft-start: please arrive at school from 9:00a.m. Doors and gates will be shut at 9:15a.m.

·         Early bird jobs – refer to the interactive whiteboard for guidance but please encourage the children to do them independently

·         This half term is all about establishing routines to help children settle at school, forming class identities, making friends and getting to know each other. There is a mixture of whole class carpet time, free-flow inside/outside, whole class activities and small group focused tasks – the balance of these shifts as the year progresses. There is a parents evening at the end of the half term to discuss how your child has settled into school.

·         There is a strong emphasis on the three prime areas of learning: social skills & confidence in new setting; communication skills and physical development before placing more emphasis on the specific areas of learning.  It is important to spend this time now to prepare children for their learning journey throughout school & life

·         Please return the ‘All about me’ & ‘My Week’ sheets as soon as possible.

·         Wild area

o   Starts on Wednesday 10th September – there will be no early bird activities on Wednesdays; please bring children to school dressed for the wild area (see welcome pack); register and morning jobs as usual then bring children out of the back door and take to the wild area where staff will meet you... DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR UNIFORM AND SHOES IN A BAG AND HANG ON YOUR PEG!

o   We will also be visiting the wild area on Thursdays (after half term) but we will change children into wild area clothes before we go

o   Please keep a bag of outdoor clothes in school all the time ...we will remind children to take home on Tuesdays ready for Wednesday!

·         Special box

o   The instructions are in the box.  Please check the rota by the board so you know when your week is.

·         Curriculum

o   We would like to invite parents to contribute towards the Early Years Profile & celebrate the achievements of their child – WOW boards (attached)

Thank you for your support!

The Foundation Team