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Hello, my name is Sophie Hodgkiss and I am the curriculum leader for music. 

I am passionate about celebrating children's individual talents through song and instruments, myself having begun my music journey whilst at primary school. At Round Hill we understand that music can inspire and motivate children which plays an important role in their personal development, including building their confidence to perform. Music can also help children to develop a greater appreciation of the world we live in by understanding different cultures and societies. As a school, we deliver a broad and balanced music curriculum in line with national requirements which enables children to develop an enjoyment of the subject. 

We are very lucky as all music lessons are taught discretely by music specialists. Children will be taught to perform, listen to and evaluate music of different styles. They will experience a range of music from different composers and musicians. Teachers will plan opportunities for children to use their voices to create and compose music. From Year 3 the children have the opportunity to have private lessons through Inspire or private tutors. We offer a wide range of instruments from various instrument families.

For more information, please find below our Music Policy and Progression Map.