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Spring 1 Week 1 Isolation Activities

Please see below for an outline of the weekly KS1 activities for phonics, English, maths and topic. You will also find attached some resources/worksheets for some of the planned activities. We hope you enjoy them!

Session 1: 

Watch the video – recognise and name 3D Shapes.

Complete the worksheet maths yr. 1 3D names.

Session 2:

Watch the video: Recognise and name 2-D shapes

Complete the worksheet – Maths Yr 1 2D Shape names.

Session 3:

Watch the video: Patterns with 3–D and 2-D shapes:

Can you design a 3D pattern using shapes from around the house?

Session 4:

Complete the worksheet maths year 1 repeating patterns activity. 

Have a go at making your own shape patterns.

Session 5:

Complete the worksheet maths year 1 shape counting I spy work sheet using the checklist. How many shapes can you find how many shapes can you name?