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Sun Safety

Sun Safety 

At Round Hill, we want children and staff to enjoy the sun safely. We aim to work with staff, pupils and parents to achieve this through:


  • We will talk about how to be safe in the sun in an assembly during the summer term.
  • Parents and guardians will be sent a letter explaining what the school is doing about sun protection and their responsibilities during the summer term.


  • On sunny days supervising staff will remind children that they need to seek shade during breaks, lunchtime, sports and school trips.
  • Children must have a named, peaked or wide-brimmed school hat that is kept at school during the summer term & taken on school trips.
  • Staff and parents are encouraged to act as good role models by practicing sun safety.
  • Parents are to ensure their child has applied sunscreen (SPF 25+) before coming to school.
  • Parents are to ensure that their child is able to apply his/her own sun screen to all exposed areas.
  • Parents are to provide their child with a sunscreen product (SPF 25+) on school trips.  This must be clearly marked with the child’s name, kept in their school bag and replenished by their child as needed.
  • In hot, sunny weather, children can re-apply their own sunscreen at lunchtime, unless the school has been informed in writing by their parent that they are unable to do this. Younger children may need help with the application of sunscreen; this would only be applied to exposed areas of the child. 


  • Pupils have their own named water bottle in school at all times. 
  • Pupils will be encouraged to drink plenty of water during hot, sunny weather.


  • All trips will require pupils to bring a wide-brimmed sun hat and sunscreen clearly labelled with the child’s name.
  • On sunny days, staff on residential trips will remind all pupils of the need to apply sunscreen each morning.

Please note that it is not expected that staff will apply sunscreen to children. Staff will encourage and supervise children to apply sunscreen themselves.

The PowerPoint below is a useful reminder of how to keep safe in the sun: