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Week 9: W/C 1st March 2021

Hello to all of our fantastic Bugs, Bears, Birds and Parents,

We would like to say a huge WELL DONE to all of you for the phenomenal work that you have done in your home learning over the last few weeks. There must have been times when this was incredibly difficult but you have persevered and done a fantastic job – thank you so much from the whole Foundation Stage team.

As you will know, this is going to be our last week of learning from home and we cannot wait to see everyone in school where we can do some exciting learning together.


In light of the fact that we will be back in school on the week beginning 8th March, we have planned this week’s home learning slightly differently in order to have lots of fun and also get everyone as prepared as possible for being in the classroom. Please see below for details.


Feelings and emotions

Our suggestion is that you talk to your child each day about their emotions in an extension of what we were doing last week. We cannot stress enough that the focus for this week needs to be on talking with the children – about all of their learning but especially about their feelings, hopes and concerns regarding returning to school. The Feelings and Emotions PDF will give you some ideas and links to stories support this work.

Science Challenges

National Science Week starts this week! Therefore, we have set some enjoyable and interesting science challenges that you can try at home – please have a look at the Science Challenges – there are many to choose from to suit your child’s interests and the resources you have available.


Additional activities to recap on previous learning as you choose:



For your writing this week, it would be really helpful to consolidate anything that you have found challenging over the last few weeks. Alternatively you could have fun repeating any work that you have particularly enjoyed. You may like to practise writing your tricky words and have a go at including them in some sentences – always with a focus on saying the sentences before writing them. You may like to rewrite your favourite part of Zog or practise writing your own names (first and last) in your very best writing. You may like to make another emotions poster, this time thinking about how you are feeling about coming back to school.



In your reading, we would like you to continue enjoying your own reading books or use those on Oxford Owl, and spend some time talking to a family member about what you have read. Can you explain what happens in the book? Can you tell someone about your favourite part? Can you explain how it ends? Can you say why you did or didn’t enjoy the book? Additionally, you could spend some time on the Phonics Play website enjoying playing the phonics games for phases 2 and 3.


Number Fun

In maths, why not re-watch some of the episodes we have looked at since January, maybe revisiting any that were particularly tricky. You could talk to someone about what the Numberblocks are trying to teach us in each episode and you could have another go at some of the practical activities using your cubes to check that you have remembered how to do them.


Finishing off

Finally, as this is the last week of learning from home, you may like to have a look back at any online activities that you have not had time to complete over the last few weeks. Whilst you don’t have to do this, there may be something that you would have liked to do and now seems the perfect time to give it a go! You could also add a painted picture of Zog and Princess Pearl if you have been painting a sky and castle background. Remember; just keep talking and have fun!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

The Foundation Stage Team