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Week Beginning 11th May


This week in Maths, we are carrying on looking at money but focusing on solving problems involving money. We will also move on to estimating amounts of money.

First, look at the ‘PowerPoint Money Matters’ which has clear explanations and examples that will help you solve problems involving money. When you have looked at the ‘PowerPoint Money Matters’, have a go at these worksheets and activities:

  1. Worksheet 1 Money Matters
  2. Worksheet 2 Money Problems
  3. Try this online game to practice adding amounts of money or finding the change from amounts.
  4. If you are up for a challenge then you can have a go at the ‘Challenge Cards Money Problems’

There are also, 2 tasks that have been set on MyMaths that you can complete:

  1. Money Calculations
  2. Money Problems

You can then move on to looking at how to estimate amounts of money, start off by looking at the ‘PowerPoint Estimating Money’. After you can complete the ‘Worksheet Estimating Money’ the answers for this worksheet are on a separate document that has been uploaded. The activity sheet is split into three sections, diving, deeper and deepest, which you can choose which sheet to complete depending on how confident you are feeling.

Remember some of the activity sheets are split into different sections such as 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, where you don’t have to complete all of the sheets just pick one of the sheets depending on how confident you are feeling. However if you start on one sheet but want to be daring and complete a more challenging sheet too then you can do more than 1.

Good luck!



This week we are going to focus on another one of Roald Dahl's books - The BFG! Lots of you have read this already and you may have seen the film too. We are focusing on one aspect of the book so, if you don't have a copy at home, there is a copy of the chapter you need attached below.

Look at the attached Literacy outline below for the week's activities.


This week we are investigating the way water is transported within plants. Follow the powerpoint Moving Water Lesson Presentation (also available as PDF). There is an opportunity to try a science experiment at home if you would like to which will require the observing changes sheet (below). For this week's activity you will need the PDF blank comic strip. Enjoy!



In 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', Willy Wonka has a factory full of delicious and unusual sweets and chocolates. Your task is to design a brand new treat, draw and describe it and write a few sentences to persuade Willy Wonka that you should be his new inventor. There is a sheet attached below which you can use to help you.

There are some very creative and inventive children in year 3 / 4 so we can't wait to see what you come up with. Good luck!