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Week Beginning 20th July

Please choose one task from each subject per day. We would love to see what tasks your child has chosen to do at home, so please send these to your child's class teacher via Class Dojo. 

There are also some fantastic daily lessons and activities on BBC Bitesize for all ages and subjects. 

English Daily Tasks:

Please see the attachments below for this week's English daily tasks. We have also included a reading comprehension. You will also find some phonics activities to complete on Purple Mash.

Maths Daily Activities:

This week, the children will be solving a variety of puzzles and problems linked to many of the maths concepts we have covered this year. As we are nearing the end of the school year, we have also included some summer-themed problems as well. There is no particular order for the activities this week, so please feel free to start in any order. 

Activity 1: Fluent in Five, Hit the Button and Mental Arithmetic Quiz

Activity 2: NRICH Activities-

Task 1 - School Fair Necklaces

Task 2 : Half Time

Task 3: Number Detectives

Task 4 : Digit Addition

Activity 3: Maths Activity Mats (Task 1, Task 2 and Task 3)

Activity 4: Colour by Numbers

Activity 5: Number Mosaic

*Challenge Task: Can you solve the puzzles and problems? Don't forget to read the questions carefully and show your working out. *

Topic tasks: 

This week in topic we will be exploring summer time. Please find below a variety of summer themed activities along with a powerpoint exploring the key elements. This weeks main task is to research and find out about a place you would love to visit during the holidays. How would you get there? How much money would it cost? What activities can you do when you are there? What is the climate like? You can present your findings as creatively as you can. You might like to explore by making a Power Point presentation with an adult, design and make a brochure or even record your very own advert! Enjoy, and post your finished piece on Class Dojo! You will also find a variety of summer activities on Purple Mash.